And the waiting begins...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ok so it came down to the last minute, as it always is with me since I procrastinate, but I did in fact submit two whole patterns to knitty! I'm so proud of myself. I figured that if I submit two, I've got a better chance. Either way at least I can relax now and enjoy my knitting instead of stressing because it needs to be done like yesterday. I'm just hoping that in my last minute scrambling I didn't forget something important. So now I wait, and apparently the longer you wait, the better chance you have. I think last time it took them a week to respond and say no.

Either way even if they don't accept them I am already planning what's next. I really have to get my design plans organized. My sketches are seriously everywhere, on loose sheets of plain computer paper. Oh and I just thought of exactly where to put them. I just realized I have an empty journal that my husband bought me months ago. It was one of my anniversary presents back in May. It has a hummingbird on it, and he remembered me looking at it in the store. In any case that will be perfect. Now to remember where I put it.

So I'm going to aim high for my next submission...either a sweater or shirt, or some type of garment. I've got a few months, I should be able to pull it off.


Sandy said...

you gotta let us know about Knitty!!! If the suspense doesn't kill ya! How exciting!!

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