Been a few days...

Saturday, March 31, 2007

I usually post once a day lately but I've been kinda busy lately. So many things goin on. Here is a pic of my sock, which I think will be frogged. I can barely get my foot in it, and the soysilk doesn't have any give or stretch. I think they would ruin too quickly if I continued. Just trying this one on stretched it badly.

This is the classic elite premiere I bought to use in the Create Along. It's a really pretty color. I'm still working on the design though. This yarn is soooo soft too. I'm still waiting on some Rowan Calmer that I ordered for another design or two.

These are the two skeins of yarn I just put up in my etsy store. I've got eight more to dye. I still have to set up my store all nice. I remember someone asking me how I soak the silk to make it softer. When I first dyed the silk and let it dry (the first time I dyed silk in Jan) I found that it was soft but still kinda crunchy feeling in spots. So after it's rinsed really really good, I took a tiny bit of fabric softener to a big bowl of warm water and stuck the yarn in it for an hour or so. Make sure the colors stay separate though, I noticed a tendency for the yarn to bleed, something in the softener maybe?
This pink one is also a little bit pinker. I had weird light today, the sun kept going behind the clouds and stuff. I'm gonna take another pic to replace this one tomorrow I think (or rather today since I'm up so late) so long as the light is good.

Not much else on the knitting front. I got my partners for the stitch marker swap, so now I can do those and get them out. Still waiting on my partner for the one at get stitchy. Sunday is the first day for the April Showers Along, and the Sexy Knitters Knit Along and I'm very excited. It's gonna be fun fun fun!

Oh yeah! And here is a pic of the two skeins of sock yarn I got from the lovely Christine off of her etsy shop. She does a great job. I think Josephine was helping too, I found a kitty fur on one skein. ;D I miss my kitty...
Ok so I guess that's it for now. Night!

Keep on truckin...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Here's another progress pic of the sock. I am past the heel! This was right after I finished that so I'm further but I don't feel like going and taking a newer pic lol. I've done another pink, blue and am on the second pink row of blocks now. I need to get to five pink rows of blocks and then I increase. Amazingly these socks are knitting up much quicker than I ever thought.

I joined the Create A Long. Which is pretty much like a knit along but you all design your own thing. I think it's fun and is helping me take the time out to actually do some designing instead of just knitting everything else from other people. There are so many great designs out there, but I've also got some ideas I also think are great. So soon as I get everything together I'm gonna get to knitting.

I finished one of my brother's knucks, so I did something good I guess. I am really wishing I had more time to knit! But right now it's bedtime and I'm sleepy so as my son would say: "Night night! Bye! Muah muah muah muah!


Lily of the Valley!

Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm so bored tonight. I've been doing schoolwork so I finally took a break. Cruising ebay and amazon and stuff. There are these two books I found that I must have. One is Lace Style and it has this gorgeous Lily of the Valley stole/shawl. I LOVE lily of the valley flowers, my absolute favorite. And there are some other pretty things too, a dress, and a cute tank. I had looked at it briefly before but as soon as I saw that shawl, I fell in love. The other one is by Stephanie Japel who is a fabulously talented designer. She just put out a book called Fitted Knits. Gorgeous tops. My favorite one in the book is by far the one used for the cover. Of course you can't see all of it on the cover. But it's totally cute. Either way I loooove those books. I keep looking around to try and find them cheap but we're broke right now anyway lol. I shouldn't even look.

Anywho, in the attempts to stashbust and satisfy the need to start yet another new project, I cast on for a shawl. It's totally cute though. Some yarn I got off ebay at least a year ago. I've got about 400 yards and I thought a cute little triangle shawl would do it. The pattern (Diamond Knit Shawl) is from lion brand's site but their version is totally ugly. One of the gals over at getstitchy tried it out on smaller needles and hers turned out so nice I thought I'd do one too. Anyway this is how it's going. I like it.
I'm also happy that over at the Sexy Knitters blog of which I am a member, the next pattern for the knit-along they are hosting is the Sahara sweater from Stitchdiva. I already have yarn for that as well, so at least I won't need to buy the yarn to do it!

I want an Isabella knit-along. I love that shirt and I've got the yarn for that too. I've got yarn for a lot of things. I just wish I could knit them all at once. Hehe.

I should be finishing my brother's knucks right now...I'm so bold. Instead I'm thinking of ways to procrastinate more. So bad so bad. Or paying the bills darn it. Or seaming my year old sweaters that are hanging around. Ok well I'm gonna get going and do something productive...


Thursday, March 22, 2007

So as you can see, I changed my template, and it got rid of alllll my stuff. I can't seem to figure out the twisted version of html that they have in there to edit stuff. I like the new style, but this is bull. I'm tempted to go back to the old...

Today I did half my reading for classes, and half of my assignments. So far so good...

In between that I worked on my sock and my brothers knucks. Or rather knuck since there is only one yet. I had hubby try it on when he got home to make sure it would be a relatively right size. Their hands should be similar in size. Either way, the first one is pretty much done. I could knock the second one out in a day or two I think. I have to send my sister a box, so I'd like to send those with her stuff, and my mom's bag.

I'm also thinking (as if I need more projects...) that I might make my cousin some gloves too, or a hat, although he probably won't need it in Georgia. He just went for basic training a few weeks ago, and I want to send him something. I'll have to find out...

Ok well that's it, nothing big, later.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So I logged into classes today to find that they had replaced my advanced class with the one that I failed last term. I was sooo relieved. And this time I have a different instructor, so I'm hoping he'll be a little less picky with the grading. The first guy I had said that by following the assignment and doing what it said, that would only get you a C. He expected you to go way above and beyond. To me that's ridiculous. I mean obviously you should do your best, but what if you've met all the requirements? That should deserve an A, they told you what they wanted and you did it.

Either way, I'm glad and feeling much better about it. I spent a couple of hours last night job hunting as well. Even if it's just a few evenings or the weekend. I have to. It's hard to find anything that is decent and nights or weekends. Most people want you to work more than that. So I'll just keep looking.

Here's another progress pic on my socks. For being knit on toothpick sized needles, they are actually going pretty quick. I'm so making more after this pair. I have to say, I love entrelac and I don't know why. It's just so fun for me. I've already got a design in my head that uses entrelac... I just gotta work it out in my brain.
Here is a pic of Alexis I took today because she's just so darned cute. I love how big her eyes are.
It was nice and sunny out today. Cold though, but the sun was nice to have coming in the window. This is the pic from our downstairs slider, usually Alexis is sitting there looking out and banging her head on the glass. Goofy thing.
I am so freezing today. I have like little itty bitty fingers. My wedding ring finger is a 4.5 and when they get cold, they like shrink so much that the rings want to slide off. It's the most frustrating thing ever. I just want to curl up in bed with something warm. Like the baby lol, she's a little heater.

So I won some yarn off ebay a while back and I should have gotten it by now. I finally emailed the seller, since they don't always contact you when you ship, and she wrote back today. She refunded my payment because somehow, even though she said that there were like 7 or 8 balls, she only had 4 and I bought 5. How do you not know that? And furthermore, how do you not notice that you got paid for a winning auction? I wonder if she was hoping I didn't notice...either way I'm annoyed b/c I got it at a great price and now I'm not getting it at all. Darned ebay sellers.

I also got my software and books today. Maya 8 looks complicated! My textbook is all based on the movie Open Season which is really cool. I'm excited about this class. And I'm not so worried about my Flash class because this time I know what's coming.

Ok well I'm off for now. My freezing fingers don't want to type anymore.

Ohhhh we go......

Ok I don't usually post twice in one day...although technically it's now Wednesday anyway. So my classes start today, and since they are central timezone or something like that, I can access them at 11pm. So I went in and the one class was just what it said. 3D animation. Now the other class I wasn't sure about. Advanced Interactive Authoring and Design or somethin along those lines. Turns out that this is the next step up from the class I just FAILED. The advanced version. Oh man I'm gonna get it now...

I'm trembling in my boots, ok no boots, I'm not even wearing socks actually but if I had boots! I'm really gonna have to hit the books on this one. I don't even want to think about it. And our final project has to be for an actual client. JOY. I know that thinking this way is just setting me up for trouble, like asking to fail. Ugh, I just can't help it.

I was talking to my mom today and she knows I've been having trouble. And we really need for me to be working right now, but I don't know if I can do that and school at the same time. I'm stressed as it is now. I know it's bad too b/c when I am in school I don't sleep hardly at all. This last week I've slept just fine, because it's grading week and no work is done. Anyhow, my mom said she'd support me if I decided I wanted to take a break and try and get my business up and running, and see how that goes. I just can't figure out what I want. I don't want to drop out, god knows I've put in this much time, it would be a waste. At the same time I know that if my business does well, I will be doing that and not so much of the web design. Either way I'm torn. And I would need money to really start the business. Money that we don't have. Hubby just got a raise and even with that, we don't have any extra. Our bills are way more than half of what he makes, and the rest is groceries, gas, baby diapers and food and that's pretty much it. Nothing left, nothing to save, nothing to help put towards debt. Only paying minimums on the bills. Very frustrating.

Anyway I guess I just needed to vent. Life can be so darned stressful. Not to mention depressing...

Finally a FO!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's been awhile since I've finished anything. I'm very excited. Here is Meg's Clapotis, finally done and two days after she's gone lol. Couldn't just finish it while she was here right? Ah well it was better to let my thumb heal. The first pic is held in front of the window to try and show the ladders. The second one I stretched it out across my son's toybox to show it flat. It's longer than that though.

And here is a progress pic on my entrelac socks that I finally started. This yarn is sooo not made for entrelac socks, but it's coming out ok. Now that I've gotten used to the little needles, and stuff. It's still slow going. Took me an hour to do that last set of teal blocks. I think I like them anyway. Maybe I'll make another pair in some other yarn next time. A more forgiving yarn.

Anyway that's really all I've done the last couple days. I'll definitely be posting more pics as the socks grow though. I won't have much time since I start a new school term tomorrow. I'm learning 3D animation and scripting stuff. Pretty intensive things, as in time and energy. So we'll see how the knitting goes these next 9-10 weeks, since I've vowed to behave and dedicate my time to school, I was a little lazy about it last term. So failing is at least half my fault.

Off to take the rest of the day to relax... :)

Phew, what a week...!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Well, my sister finally left us today. She was supposed to leave on Friday, but there were just a crapload of complications. We had some heavy fog that morning and there was a delay for that. Then the plane needed fixing, and there was another delay. Then they discovered the part needed to be flown in from Seattle. More I discovered all this after finally getting home and getting in bed. The phone rings and it's Meg, "Come get me." So I do. All the delays would have caused her to miss all her connecting flights. Then she was told that Albany airport was closed anyway b/c of a huge snowstorm. So we spent Friday catching up on sleep since we had left so early that morning and hadn't felt well either. Then Saturday we just hung around. This morning she left with no problem.

I didn't do much knitting while she was here... I think I sprained my thumb. It's feeling somewhat better now though so I think it's ok. So back to work. I am trying to finish up Meg's Clapotis. I felt bad that I didn't get it finished by the time she left, but she forgot a few things so I'll have to send her a box anyway. My mom's bag is close to being done too, sooo close, I just have to make room to sew the lining... my poor sewing machine is holding all my crap onto my table. Without it the stuff would be creeping off the table. So after those two, on to finishing the homespun hoodie.

I'm also hosting the next "along" at getStitchy. It's called the April Showers-along, and it's all about making stuff for the bath, bathroom, shower, etc. So if anyone is interested, hop on over to the site and sign up!

I finally found out who my secret pal is for secret pal 10. I'm so excited about it. I can't wait to get everything. What a fun thing.

Hmmm what else is new. The last two days here have been beautiful out. 55+ degrees and sunny for a good part of the day. I am so looking forward to spring and summer. I think that the winter really does a number on me. I feel so cruddy, and it's hard to function. Maybe I need to move somewhere warm and sunny...

We had a really close call yesterday. We were running errands and hubby had to get a receipt he left at work to return something at wally-world. His wallet had been on his lap and when he got out it fell on the ground, without him realizing it. So we went to Walmart and when we went to pay he went for his pocket and found it missing. I had mine tho so no really big deal, I told him he had probably left it in the car. We went out and tore the car apart. Nothing. We figured when he got out it fell on the ground and someone had taken it. So he went back in to see if it got turned in. He came out empty handed. Then we all realized that if that's what had happened, it would have happened at his job, not WM. So we sped back and as we turned in we could see it there on the ground. I was soooooo relieved. That would have just been horrible. We are very lucky no one had walked by and found it first!

Oh yeah! Here are my yarn pics!

This first one is the one my sister did. I pretty much just dropped the yarn in a casserole dish , mixed up some kool-aid colors, and let her do what she wanted. It's a combination of Lemonade, Changin Cherry, Arctic Green Apple and Mango. I LOVE it. She didn't like how it came out but I think it's awesome. It's hard to see the variations in the colors but it's so cool.

These two are bulky weight yarn from Knitpicks. I really don't like how they came out. It seemed like they didn't want to take the color very well. I mean it didn't bleed or anything, but the colors aren't as bright. I have another ball in different yarn I did a while ago in the purple/blue/pink colors and it's much prettier. I still have to try dyeing their fingering weight wool/silk blend, but I'm a little disappointed in this one.
These two are my silk jobs. The shinyness makes it hard to see the colors properly. But they are so pretty.

This is some fingering weight dyed with mango and lemonade. It's a tie for my favorite with the one my sister did. It's so soft too. Ok well that's enough for now, I'm gonna get back to knittin!

How time flies...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

So, it's been a quick visit. My sister goes home on Friday morning. It's just amazing how a week can just go by so fast.

We dyed yarn today. I haven't had the time to take pictures. I still have to rinse the silk out some more, for some reason the freaking green and red doesn't want to rinse out. I used the same number of packets, but it won't rinse clear. Driving me batty. I might have to cook it again with some vinegar. Either way, we dyed and it was fun. I'm planning on selling the silk once the color sets. It came out really pretty. I did one red/pink, and the other blue/green. I'm also going to soak it in warm water with fabric softener since it really majorly helped last time.

I haven't done much knitting this week. I am supposed to be finishing Meg's Clapotis, but maybe I can get it done tomorrow. I also have to finish my mom's bag. It needs the lining and the flower still has to be felted.

Chad and I got a little break tonight. Meg agreed to watch the little ones who were apparently very cranky while we were gone. We went and used up our gift card to Olive Garden and went bowling. Although I think I'm getting like arthritis in my hand. I keep getting massive pain in my thumb. My MIL thinks I sprained it. Maybe, I have hit it pretty bad a couple times. But it hurts, that's why I haven't been knitting so much. Maybe the hundreds of hours on the computer are catching up to me. My mom got carpal tunnel at one point. But bowling was fun. I suck, but it was still fun. We don't get a break often. I mean we go to the store together, and run errands, but not just go out with no reason.

So I have more errands tomorrow. Meg has an appt to get her hair highlighted because the Spa I go to for my hair is so freakin amazing. She likes to go here when she visits. I also have to take the baby to an appt, and we'll probably go to the mall after.

Ok well it's late, and I've been up for 17 hours, which is way too long for me. Time to sleep!

The Waiting Game

Monday, March 12, 2007

For the last two days I have been anxiously awaiting to be assigned my secret pal. I just can't wait to start planning what I'm going to make and buy and send. So far, nothing, but I know it will be soon! I know I'm not the only one on the edge of my seat.
Today was the last day of my term. THANK GOD. I was so freaking out. I know I failed the one class, but I should pass the other two. The school's site was having technical difficulties when I took the final for my one class, and so I don't know if it got the answers or not, but I did send an email to my instructor. I hope it made it. And in biology I didn't write my essay long enough, but I couldn't find all the information I was looking for. I figured it was better to get a crappy grade for a too-short essay, than a zero because it was submitted late. Which is what happens. They have no choice. Either way, this was the crappiest term. It really burns me. I worked my ass off last year to keep a 4.0 and now it's down the drain. But I'm trying to not think about it. I'll retake the one class and get back on my feet when things start back up in a week. I'll be back up at the top and that's that.
I finished some gloves for my friend. I have actually had all the knitting done, just had to weave in ends and attach the buttons. Couldn't find my needle with the larger eye to use with yarn. So I just found it and put the buttons on. I'm going to give them to her tomorrow since Meg and I are gonna go to the mall and my friend is meeting us there. I LOVE these gloves. They came out way better than I expected. So I hope she likes them.
I'm also working on Meg's Clapotis. Almost 2/3 of the way done. I'll have it finished before she leaves on friday. It's such an easy pattern. I would have had it done by now but I get bored with it and have to do something else.
I'm also trying to teach Meg to knit, but I think she feels like she's too stupid. She can do the stitches all right but she is having a little trouble with the purls. She twists them the wrong way. But she picked up how to do the long tail cast on really easy, and knitting is easy. So we're working on it. She's never done this before so I keep telling her to be patient. She wants to start making her gloves lol. I keep telling her she needs to practice first so she knows what stitches she's doing. Maybe if we start the gloves though then she will be more motivated. So perhaps tomorrow we can do that.
I finished a hat I started, but of course it's too big for me. I have enough of the yarn to make another though, so I'll do one smaller. I gave it to Meg, since I don't know who else I'd give it to. It came out good though. So I know the second one will be perfect. Not like hats are really needed these days. I went out to feed the deer tonight and it was so warm I wouldn't have needed a sweater. We always get a cold snap though before spring officially comes. Here's a pic of Meg in the hat tho.
I finally got the beads for my pattern to go to knitty. I have it figured out but it takes forever to string on all the beads. So I'll have to hurry up and make it this week. It's due by...thurs. So I don't have much time left. It won't take but an hour or two to knit though once the beads are on.
Meg and I are gonna dye yarn this week. Probably on Tuesday. Since we are going shopping tomorrow. Meg is gonna watch the kids on Wed and hopefully, depending on Chad's mood, we'll go to the olive garden for dinner and bowling. We've had a gift card to the OG since Dec. so we need to use it. And we both love bowling. So we'll see. That's really all that is planned this week though. It's sad that she'll be leaving Friday. I haven't seen her in a year, and all we get is a week, which is flying by.

Ok well that's it for updates right now. :)

Etsy Shop?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

So I've really been thinking about opening this etsy shop. I think I'd have a better shot on there since people generally go there for crafty stuff. I just got my shipment of silk yarn from India. It's beautiful when dyed, so I think I'll probably resell most of it. If it does well, I'll get more. I'm just torn as to whether I should dye the hanks in pairs, or if I should do lots of different combinations. We'll see I guess. I'm thinking of getting some more regular yarn to dye too. I just need to find the time to do the dyeing.

Chad has requested I make him an argyle sweater. Amazing. Know why? Because now I'm a Good Knitter. I swear, where does he get these things from?

I finished knitting the gloves for my friend that I'm doing for the Stitch for Chicks a long. I just have to sew the buttons on, but my yarn needle has disappeared and I'm not happy about that. With my luck it's on the floor and I'll find it by stepping on it...

I'm finally making progress with the design I'm submitting to knitty, well hopefully submitting. I have to get more beads tomorrow to do it though. I've got like three versions of it in my head and I'm still debating what I'm officially going to do. I've also started another design which won't go to knitty since they are now looking for summer stuff but it will be a pattern...I think if it turns out well I will offer it for sale though. I need to have a couple for sale, and it will give me something to put up on my site.

I'm currently taking a break from completely scrubbing down the bathroom. My sister Meg will be here tomorrow! And she'd probably appreciate it being clean. There is something in our water I swear, it colors the tub and the sinks and stuff, and makes them look dirtier than they are. Nothing a little bleach can't fix. I got a little knitting done today. I wanted to have Meg's Clapotis done when she got here, but she won't mind. I'll finish it for sure before she leaves. Then I can take a pic of her posing with it.

Oh yeah! I'm getting an elliptical tomorrow. Finally, I found one on sale at JcPenny and am going to pick one up tomorrow. I can't wait to get it. I think it's going to make a big difference in the way I feel. Not like about me or anything, but mentally since I'm stuck inside so much. Even in the summer b/c there are tons of wasps out here. Poor Nick could barely go out to play last summer in his pool. There were more than 15 wasps floating in it one day. They sit on top of the water to cool off. This year we got a big tent thingy with mesh sides to try and create a bug free zone so he can play. Either way, I'm excited about my exercise machine.

I don't know if I already mentioned this but I also signed up to be part of a stitch marker swap. I can't wait for that either! I love making them so it should be fun. That and I should be getting assigned to someone for Secret Pal 10. Woohoo! Soon soon! I love making other people stuff. I'm a giver by nature. That's why all of my knitting projects for me don't get finished, and the ones for others do.

Ok well, that's my update for now. I should get back to cleaning...bleh.

CafePress Store

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So I finally got a design done to put up shirts and stuff on Great site, gotta love it. Here's the link for anyone that wants to check it It's just one design but there are more coming. Took me long enough to do this one...and I had to redo them several times b/c I wasn't paying attention! I actually left knitting needles on the crochet version. DUH.

I'm still trucking along with my knitting. Getting much further with Meg's clapotis. Haven't touched my homespun sweater but I saved that for last b/c Meg will be here friday. I started gloves for a friend too b/c they are quick and I promised her ages ago. I like had this need to start something new and I figured I could justify it by at least starting something that I'm supposed to instead of something for me that can wait. So those are mostly done, I'll post pics later.

I realized yesterday that I haven't even started working on anything to submit to knitty this time around. And the due date is the 15th! Argh, but I do have a good idea, something simple but still unique. So we'll see how it goes. If I can get it designed in time. I think I can.

I'm thinking of opening an etsy shop. Not sure if I should. Or if I do, what I should sell. Still debating it...any ideas people? Let me know lol. I'm lost. That and I'm still waiting on my business license crap. Can you believe it? My aunt submitted everything I think, but I don't know b/c she never emails me.

Oh well, I'm off to do some schoolwork. This is my last week, and I've got more to do than I care to think about.


Saturday, March 03, 2007

I was beginning to feel comfortable in this stupid flash class I'm taking and now it's all gone to heck. I think I'm going to fail. It sucks.

I also forgot about how many projects I had waiting in the wings. Projects I actually have yarn for. As I went through and organized my yarn, I discovered things that were slowly forgotten. I'm so spoiled buying yarn when I have so much already. And I kinda feel bad about it...kinda...

So I finished a One Skein Wonder shrug already. I needed something quick. It's the reason I'm still up. It's tres chic though and I'll take some pictures tomorrow. I used my red Malabrigo and a size 9 instead of an 8 needle. Worked out great. I'll still have a little ball of red leftover too, and I'm going to use it to make a knitted flower to felt and attach to my moms Lopi bag. I still have to find some lining. I'm thinking some red silky chinese print stuff I've seen at like JoAnn's. It's pretty thick and heavy duty. It will be awesome.

I have seamed more on my UFO's and hopefully will finish this weekend with them. In between cramming my schoolwork in. I am planning on starting my Entrelac Socks by next weekend. Good timing I think, I will be off of school, and my sister will be visiting. So she'll help with the babies. She hasn't even seen the little one yet. I'm excited for her to come, it's been over a year, I think it was Jan or Feb last year when she came. We always have so much fun, and I'm glad we get along better now that we did when we were kids.

Ok so sorry for no photos, but I'll def be taking them tomorrow, better light anyway during the day. :)

It's March!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Well it's officially March and the getStitchy March-a-long is Stitch for Chicks. Meaning make something for a special female in your life. Oh man oh man. This is what I've been needing to finish up that sweater for my mother-in-law. It's the one project I dread more than any other. So now I have a little motivation to do it. I was totally motivated when I started, but I hate knitting with lion brand homespun. I can crochet it no prob, but knitting it...ugh.

I started to seam up the fair isle sweater again, and the world is against me on this! I swear, it's just not right no matter what I do. I may have to frog the seaming again! The sleeve just doesn't want to set in. They did so much goofy shaping, it looks awkward. Really getting on my nerves. I was so thrilled about my lovely beautiful job in doing the fair isle, my first time doing it. Now it's going to be ruined by a screwy seam job. Ah well, I should just shut up and go finish it. I just keep hitting snags and then I don't want to touch it again for a week, or five.

I also started a Clapotis for my sister. I realized the other three balls of silk I dyed weren't enough for the pattern I intended it for. I'm ordering more silk from India and will dye enough this time. So she gets the pink silk. Pictures to come later. I've just gotten to the straight rows in the pattern. It's such a quick knit!

I also ordered two patterns from The one skein wonder, and orangina. One skein Wonder is a cute little shrug, exactly what I've been looking for, knit in heavier weight yarn, and just perfect. Orangina has a great stitch pattern and looks like a flattering top. Anyway check out the site. This woman rocks as a designer and I never realized how many awesome patterns out there of hers I love. Or that I am making/planning on making. She's got some great free patterns too!

Let's see, what else is new. I organized all my yarn. I bought a whole nother plastic bin to put it all in. One of those cheap sterilite ones with clear drawers. I have a smaller one but it doesn't hold much. This one is twice the size and fit nearly everything in it. Including WIP's that I've had hanging around getting tangled or falling off the needles.

I'm also officially a slacker this school term. I have done NOTHING this week in terms of school work. It's very disturbing, but I'm just not in the mood. I'm losing steam and being stuck in the house all the time really gets me down. I barely even want to knit anymore. I did get out today though just to get to the store and mail off some stuff. The sun was out even though it was freezing, and it was so nice. I felt so much better when I got home that I started cleaning. I cleared out my massively cluttered drawers in the bathroom and threw a ton out. I also did the yarn thing and started cleaning the living room which is also a mess b/c I've been too depressed to clean at all. So it was good. I think tomorrow I'll take the munchkin outside to play in the snow and then maybe I'll feel up to getting more work done when we come in.

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