Seems like forever...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

since I've posted. I've been busy busy busy. Mostly sleeping busy lol. I've just been exhausted lately and stressed, and migraines have returned full force daily, sometimes twice a day. As in I take something to get rid of it and a few hours later it's back. So I've been napping, usually an our or so a day. I don't mean to, but I go lay on the couch while the kids play and climb on me...and before I know it, I'm sleeping and chad is waking me up for dinner or bed!

I had my second interview today, at the spa. I think it went well, I didn't stumble over my words and we talked easily, it was fun! I like interviews most of the time. I do get nervous but mostly I like them. I should know next week, which isn't what I wanted but better than nothing. It's a five star hotel, and an upscale spa (they even get celebrities!). I knew though that I should have gotten my hair done before the interviews b/c they all dress so nice and are what I would say...well maintained. It's not that I'm not. Just that my hair is in desperate need of a cut (it's about a foot longer than I want it) and my highlights are pretty grown out. So we'll see. I don't really think that will be a deciding factor for them.

I pinned out my lace wings shawl to block tonight. It looks better now, and it's much bigger. I'm always alarmed at the size of finished lace objects. And then I block, and it's fine. I may re-block the top to a different shape, it's kinda funny as is. But also hard to decide how to fix it. I don't really care much so maybe I will leave it.I finally finished clue 2 for my mystery stole. It only took a few days of knitting. I'm moving on to 3. I should catch up soon enough. I'm not really worried, I know I will finish it eventually. It's coming out so pretty, I love the beads. Other knitting news...I finished my first whitewater glove. It went really fast once I frogged the first one and cast on again. The stitch pattern looks more complicated than it is. It's pretty intuitive, and easy to memorize...for me anyway. I really like it, and it's warm too! I am debating frogging the top of the glove and doing it in the ribbing like the cuff. I think it would look and fit better.
I've been working on a shawl design of my own, and it's soooo not working out. I've tried a million things and nothing looks right. I know it takes time, but I'm getting annoyed. I have a border pattern picked out that I love but I can't find a main stitch pattern that I like enough with it. Ah well, I'll figure something out eventually. I almost think I'm aiming too high, and I should do something simpler.

Today my MIL and I tried to put up this tent screen thing. It's like a big tent with see-through netting around it, so bugs can't get in. It's not huge, but a good size. We carried the box to the spot in the yard, and got all the pieces out and made sure they were all accounted for. That was it, and then I got stung. Apparently there is a wasp nest nearby and they were pretty annoyed at us. I haven't been stung in like ten years. It's not as bad as I remember it being. Anyway, here's a secret, for those who don't know. When you get stung, put some spray on deodorant on it. Like the aerosol bottles of it. It stops the stinging very quickly. Neutralizes the proteins or something. My MIL also got stung after I went in the house, so we decided to find the nest first before continuing and putting the tent together after it cools down and they are in their nest for the night or something. Anyway the tent is so we can put the kids pool in it, and the wasps can't get in. Last summer it was bad. I took nick out to play in his pool and there were at least 15-20 floating on the surface. They cool off that way. We couldn't even stay out ten minutes because they wouldn't leave us alone. SO hopefully we can get the tent up before summer is over.

Ok well I think that's enough for now, my migraine is really starting to get to me, so I'm gonna head to bed and hope it's gone tomorrow. I'd take more tylenol, but I took enough today and I hate taking meds to begin with...sigh.

Walking With Dinosaurs

Sunday, July 22, 2007

What a great show! Nick was so excited all day, he barely ate, and didn't want to nap. He loved the show. He pretended to be scared once or twice but for the most part he was so into it. I actually only saw maybe one or two kids crying from being scared. This show is awesome, if it's coming to a town near you, GO SEE IT. Seriously. And buy the cheap tickets. The dinos are life sized, so trust me you'll see everything. The only downer is I FORGOT MY CAMERA. I'm such an idiot. It's ok though because we bought a program (20 bucks!!!) as a keepsake for nick and it has awesome pics in it.

Not much knitting to report. Still working on the previously mentioned projects. I'm in a bit of a slump b/c of school, and am too depressed to knit much since I should be doing other things. The only good thing is this term ends next sunday and as long as I pass I'm good. This public speaking class is killing me. Right now at least I've got an 83, but I can't get my speech uploaded now due to size. I hate dial up.

I have an interview on Monday. I'm not getting too excited, because so far all my job endeavors have been disappointing. It's at a spa, I think a pretty high end one. It's in a hotel downtown, so that sucks because I'll have to drive over an hour, and then find parking in the city. But it's a job. I would be doing front desk type stuff, probably phones and appointments. I think I'll like it though if I get it. Maybe I'll get discounts! I could really use a massage.

Hmm, not too much else I guess. I'm tired though so I'm gonna get to bed. :D

ETA: OMG I can't believe I forgot. I finally got into ravelry!!! My name there is Hattie, so add me if you're on. It's soooo addicting. I wasn't blown away by descriptions of it before I got in, but oh man it's ten times better than I thought! Seriously, if you aren't already on the list to get in, go do it!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh it is so unbelievably hot here the last week or so. Lucky for me I don't have to go out in it much. We have lovely air conditioning in the house, which is great for the real scorchers but I generally prefer fans when it's not this hot. For those of you who don't know, we live with my in-laws, because with only hubby working while I'm watching kiddos and doing college, we can't afford our own place. Now, my father in law works the night shift at one of the hospitals, so he sleeps during the day. Their bedroom is on the 3rd story although, it's technically the second off the main floor. Our part of the house is technically the basement, because it's below the main story, and built into the ground partially. Anyway, their bedroom is up there and it gets horribly humid, so he cranks the AC during the day, and it gets freeeeezing down here. Yeah, so I hate it, I walk around in sweatshirts when it's 103 outside.

We bought tickets today for that Walking with the Dinosaurs show (compliments a la grandma). Spokane is only the second city on the tour, and I'm excited. Chad and I will be taking Nick on Saturday, and hopefully he won't be scared by these life sized roaring dinosaurs. He seemed excited when the commercial came on for it. We'll see.

I'm making record progress on my Laced Front Sweater from the Knitting Lingerie Style book. It's an easy pattern, and the cashsoft dk makes it sooo nice to knit. Here's a pic of the bottom detail from when I was just starting out, and then a pic of where I am now, into the armholes.I'm also trying to finish up this shawl I started ages ago. As a recap, the yarn is from mizz Emily B's etsy shop. It's going really nicely. The stitch pattern is really easy. You increase four stitches every wrong side row and go up a needle size every four inches. I started with a three and I'm using a 6 now. I almost think I should have started with a four. The original yarn called for in the pattern was Handmaiden Sea Silk. I am working on getting some of that to make another one. The first pic is most true to color. Let's see what else...I'm resisting daily urges to cast on new things. I've really been focusing on only a few projects lately. It's killing me really. I just want more things to knit! But I'm waiting. I'm also supposed to be on a yarn diet. I have been very good about it. Haha, but my partner in crime said sock yarn doesn't count....oh and I have to buy my yarn to dye for the two swaps. Other than that though. I can't really buy anything anyway because chad's civic needs a new clutch, and our scion needs another new windshield. BEWARE. We have a scion xb, and I love it, but due to the angle of the window, it's extremely prone to rock chips. I got one the other day on the way home, and a few hours when chad came home, the heat had caused the window to crack in 3 places, each crack about 4 inches long. WE JUST REPLACED IT. I could scream.

On a better note, here's where I'm at on the Ravelry waiting list!

  • You signed up on May 31, 2007
  • You are #6084 on the list.
  • 247 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 11815 people are behind you in line.
  • 32% of the list has been invited so far
Woohoo! Only a few more days at most and I'll be able to find out what all the fuss is for. It is supposed to be great!

Ok well I should be in bed, I can't stop yawning, I'm deleting every other letter I type lol, and my contacts are drying out. Maybe I need to change them...hmmm.

Busy Bee!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

That's what I feel like the last few days. I haven't gotten much knitting done, and it bugs me. I did manage to finish my first monkey sock though!It's much looser than I wanted, not that it doesn't fit, but not fitted. I also somehow kitchenered a stitch wrong on the toe, and there is a hole. I'm going to fix it, I just have never had to undo kitchener before. Ah well. If I make another pair of these it will be on my size 1.5's. That is if I ever find the one needle that I lost. It disappeared. Gone. I was sitting here knitting my glove, and put it down, and the next morning, gone. So I'm frogging the glove and doing it on 2's. I was knitting really tight on the 1.5's anyway. It will be better this way. So maybe it's good that I lost it b/c otherwise I would have kept's where I am at, pre-froggage, just starting the thumb gusset....So I'm also part of two hand-dyed yarn swaps. The first one is hosted by Celena and the blog for it is here. We are going to dye and swap sock yarn! It's going to be fun, so if you want in go sign up!

Also I volunteered to host an unofficial swap for GetStitchy! It's also swapping hand-dyed yarn but whatever weight you want. Join us!!!

I'm part of the Lingerie Style along as well, and have had the toughest time deciding what to make, mostly because I want to knit from my stash. So I have 7 balls of this pretty leaf green cashsoft dk and I swatched it, and got gauge for the laced front sweater in the book. I love it and think it will be pretty in green. I love green, but never really knit with it or wear it...odd huh.

I finally started clue 2 of MS3 yesterday. I'm about a third of the way through. I don't care though, I'll catch up. I just didn't have the time to concentrate on the pattern. No pic till clue 2 is done!

We had a huge storm predicted for today, and at our house we caught the edge of it. We only got a sprinkle and a bit of lightening and thunder. Well and the wind knocked the top of a tree down. Nothing major. There were tons of fires due to lightening strikes though... we had the sprinkler system on around the house just in case. It's so dry out here, it's scary to think a fire could wipe out your house! It happens all the time. Anyway for not being much of a storm our power went out for close to two hours. The kids were concerned, until we gave them glow sticks to run around with. And during dinner I set up our portable dvd player for them. Thank god for rechargeable batteries! So we all watched the lion king at the kitchen table and ate dinner. It was fun. :)

Johari Window

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ever heard of these? It's supposed to be a personality thing. You pick six words to describe yourself and then get others to pick six words that they would use to describe you. The point is to see what others think of your and sort of get a picture of your personality. Anyway it's pretty cool. Here's the link to mine, if you want to do it for me. Afterwards it lets you set up your own, and it's really fast too.

Sooo here's progress on my knitterly things. Almost to the toe on my monkey sock. I would probably be done but I slowed down since my hand hurt but it magically went away now. I also started these pretty gloves. I'm doing them on 1.5's but almost wondering if the hand will be too small. We'll see. I thought the pattern was harder than it is too. So if I have to rip, it won't be tragic. I'm also much further than this lol, but I don't feel like taking another picture yet.
I over-dyed some sock yarn from back when I was doing the kool aid thing. It was originally pink, light blue, and yellow. Pretty but not something I could knit with for socks. Here it is over-dyed with cherry. Red, some blue still, and dark purple red. I like it. The color in the top pic is more accurate than the bottom one. This yarn is super soft too. (See my glove in the back there? Also notice all the yarn surrounding my computer...)Makes me want to dye more, I'm still working on that. If I could just get a small loan for this business thing I swear...I'm itching to start already. I just don't understand all the legal and tax stuff, so that sucks. I am still trying to get help from the small business administration. They do counseling and stuff so that would be nice.

Ok off to bed for now, it's late and the baby has been getting up earlier than I like...


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My hands are in soooo much pain. I haven't even been knitting all that much! That and God help me I am turning into a one project knitter!!! AHHHH

Seriously these socks are addicting. Here's a pic. I thought they were coming out huge, and almost frogged, but then figured I'd at least finish the heel and then check. They are just right! A teeny bit loose but's fine. I can always knit more. I have the lace pattern memorized too, it's so easy. I also love my yarn. It's really soft and easy to knit with! And it's just knitpicks. I think my next pair of these I'll knit with my 1.5 needles for a more fitted sock. No wonder everyone makes these though. Completely understandable. I also like the pattern so much more in a more solid color.

No pictures of anything else knitting-wise. I did discover some of the pink lilies bloomed today. I love these! Lillies are seriously my fave. Tigerlily, lily of the valley...just lillies. Oh and gladiolus flowers but those can be hard to find! (Which reminds me of that lace style book that I need to get for the lily of the valley stole...)
The kids got ice cream after dinner today because they needed a bath, so we let them make a mess. They are so cute though. In this one, notice the little smirk on her face? So cute. I tried to get a pic of her when she was lifting the whole ice cream cup up to her face. It was funny.Here he's trying to get every last bit off his tray...lolWant some ice cream?

Update: Monkey Sock

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ok so since earlier I started a monkey sock. It's going really fast! (Yes Melissa I know I'm evil) I'm already into the fourth of six cuff repeats ( I'm not cheating Melissa (as she says by shortening the cuff) lol, and having a smaller foot isn't cheating either!!!) Too many parenthesis. Ok so here is a pic. This is my hand dyed yarn. Knitpicks dye your own, the silk wool stuff, you should see it shimmer in the sun! I dyed it with peach wiltons and was excited to discover that some parts are pink to hot pink! It's really fun. The pattern looks so much better in a solidish color. Sorry the color of the pic is off, I tried to fix it in photoshop. Did I mention my fairly new camera has decided to not work???

More finished socks!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I have another pair of socks done! I finished them up last night and I think they came out very well. These will be sent off to miss Christine. It's her hand dyed yarn so I thought it only right she should have them. I also have enough of the yarn left to make another pair of socks too.Now I'm torn as to what socks I should make next. I like the Monkey socks...and the Seduction socks...and the On Your Toes socks from this issue of IK. Either way there are a bunch I want to knit. Maybe I'll start with the monkey socks in some of my hand dyed. I did try the pattern out in some other yarn but it wasn't showing the pattern very well. And my hand dyed is mostly one color so that should work out well.

Other than the socks, I have really only been knitting the mystery stole and finishing up that tube thing. Oh and my spring things shawl that has been sitting around begging me to knit it. It's such an easy pattern but the kid silk haze is making it tough to knit very quickly.

Ok more later when I have something interesting to post...


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ok so just a post to show off my newly completed clue one for MS3.
I am itching to start a new pair of socks soooo bad but today I was a good girl and instead cast on for the dreaded second sock, the green victorian lace one. I really don't know why I hate this pattern, but I do. Either way, I started it and will not start another pair of socks until this is done. No pic of it b/c really I've only done a few rows and it's not much to show.

In other news my secret pal Doris got her package I sent! I'm so thrilled since there was a post office mishap, and I was afraid it would never get there! I've already signed up for SP11 as well. It's just too much fun!

Mystery Stole 3 Progress

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So now that my socks are out of the way, I am allowed to concentrate on ms3. It's gorgeous. This girl is a genius I swear. Check out her other designs, they are soooo pretty. I already bought the Leda's Dream pattern which was ms1 and Scheherazade (which I will be buying also) was ms2. Awesome huh?

I am at about row 85 (of 100) here. I am taking my sweet time since clue 2 isn't till friday, and I'm not in any hurry. I already know what it will look like since others finished it the first day that clue 1 was released! My beads are kinda hard to see, they match the color of the yarn perfectly, but you can see some there in the center of the pattern in this first picture. They also run along the edges which you can't see all that well about every 8 rows. :D I love the beads. Side pattern:
Whole shots:
I'm in love with this pattern already...

So now I'm also working on finishing my red turtleneck tube tank thing. I had it on waste yarn to try it on, and neglected to return it to the needles until tonight. About 6 inches of ribbing to go on that.

I need to cast on for my other victorian lace sock. I've also neglected that, because the stitch pattern bugs me. I honestly hate it. It's just that it looks so nice when it's maybe tomorrow I will cast that on. I've also decided to use my STR yarn for some Monkey socks. We'll see how that goes.

I spent most of today focusing on writing up my resume. It's hard work! I was supposed to go apply for a job today but since I was sick and it wasn't done...well I put it off till tomorrow. So now the resume is about as ready as I can get it in one day. Hopefully the position has not been filled, and I'll have a shot at it! It's a job at the local newspaper as a classified representative. In the funeral and legal dept. I'm guessing I'd be writing the ads, answering phones and such. I'm pretty positive it's something I could handle, even if it's not the happiest job in the world. Oh and it pays well. Something we really really need. I'm praying that I get it!

And now the moment we've all been waiting for...

Monday, July 02, 2007

It's 3:30 AM and this is all I have to say. DONE.

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