This one is for Mel

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who was wondering what the heck I was talking about, when I said Piddle bag. Where she lives, (Australia) piddle means pee!

Anyway, my Piddleloop bags showed up today in the mail! They are so beyond cute, a little smaller than I thought they would be, but still a perfect size. I wanted them for sock knitting, so I don't need a big bag anyway.

Here's my first one. I put in a cake of yarn to show size. It's only a half size cake, since it's a skein of Lorna's Laces. So imagine a full yarn cake would mostly fill the bag up.This one is my favorite. I adore the little piggies, and they are saying Boo. There was a little pig charm attached to the zipper on this one. It's really cute! I'll probably take it off though, I'll be afraid to break it, it's glass I think.
Then my second one. I think this print is so cute too. They called it Jacks or something. Either way I like it.
And there was a little charm on the zipper of this one too. They were from different vendors on etsy. This one was Red Panda Jewelry. The pig was from Dragon Lady Designs.
So Mel, that's what a piddle bag is lol. Anyway I look forward to using them and will probably order more...too bad their custom order page is on hold since they have over 50 orders or I'd put another in now!

Wham Bam

Friday, May 30, 2008

Quick post.

Got my Rockin Sock Club shipment! The colorway is gorgeous. It's called The Incredible Shrinking Violet. I adore it. The socks are hard to see here, but pretty. They have traveling stitches on the front that look like lacing all the way up. The pattern is called Cleopatra's Stockings, designed by Yarnissima.I love this one! Gonna be fun to knit for sure. :)

Sock club is here!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Keegan Lane sock club has arrived! I was so excited to go get it at the post office, and was not disappointed.

Here we have the yarn, which is a gorgeous green, a sort of wine red/pink, and purple, with lighter bits. It's named, Spring Tulips, which is also the name of the sock pattern! It's very pretty, with little tulips going up the side of the sock.Then there was a little pink and green bag with a pin on it. The pin has the logo I designed way back when for Melissa. Inside was a pretty magnet with the club logo on it, some flower seeds, and candies (not shown, ahem, for obvious reasons. As in I obviously ate them...)
All in all a very fun club package. Before I even opened it though I heard this funny sound. Reminded me of when I opened it I discovered this:
Beads. And yarn. Yep, some of you may remember that I was knitting the Swallowtail shawl a while ago with Melissa. I finished mine, and as you can see from above, Melissa didn't get to it. And every time she started a new project I would hint about her shawl. Anyway I have wanted to knit another, and told her I'd knit hers for her. Most of you probably don't know that that yarn is some that I dyed for Melissa too. And I bought the beads to match it lol. So it will be a fun project to see in person how it turns out.

In other news, here is how far I've gotten on my second Swirls sock. Almost done with the leg. It's going pretty fast, even on size 0's. It will be nice to finish a pair! It's been really hard not to cast on new pairs. Speaking of, I finally decided when I finish these, and the project for my loopy swap pal, I'd start the Rivendell (ravelry link)(to buy pattern go Here)socks I've wanted to knit forever. I have the pattern, it's here somewhere. I got it from an online pal ages ago, and so it's not on my computer like most of my patterns. Yeah, so I can't find it and it's really pissing me off lol. Sigh...


Ok well I am pretty sure my Rockin Sock package is on the way, and I was hoping my Piddly bags would be here, but not yet. So maybe I'll have those by next post.

Sunshine...makes me happy

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Anyone know what song that is?

So today I had to work, early as always. I got SO sick, I don't know what was wrong with me. I was sick to my stomach and in pain. So I left early, after getting as much done as I could. I had to run into Wally World, and got a second potty for Nicholas for our floor. I think it will be easier to not have to go all the way upstairs, especially when they are both down here. Alexis is a stinker, and would get into trouble. I had to mail the health insurance so I stopped at the post office as well. Waiting for me were two packages which made my day.

One was from Funky Carolina. This first one is BFL in Rum Kiss, and it's darker than the photo. But it's really pretty in person. I want to spin it now!
Then there are these two little batts, superwash merino and sparklies! They are named Citrine. I really love her batts. She has the most amazing color sense. I know I have said that before, but man I love it.
Secondly, this book. Anyone? Anyone know exactly what this is??? A very highly sought after book that is no longer in print. I don't know how but someone on Ravelry got a hold of some and sent them off to those who wanted one! For those of you who don't know, this is a book of fair isle mitten patterns. It's all in a language I can't read, but I have charts!
Yesterday as Chad was in the garage with his brother working on the car (engine swap) he was startled by this little girl.
She is apparently roosting in a mailbox box on one of the shelves. I thought it was funny.

Today we took the kids outside after lunch. It really wears them out and they nap so well after. It was warm and sunny and I think I got a little bit of a tan. We had a lot of fun!

I took pictures of some flowers my MIL bought to plant.
I love these pink ones. Like colorful daisies.
Here's Nick, contemplating his next move...
Stomping in the MIL lets them dig in the pots that have nothing in them.
Letting the water from the hose run over her shoes. They got a lot wetter after that.
The kids got wet and dirty, and had a quick bath. Then nap time. Then mommy time! I watched yesterday's Bachelorette on the dvr, knitted on my second Swirls sock, and ate cake. Alexis is 2 today, so there is cake in the house. Yum!

I finished the first sock for my loopy swap partner. No pics though, not until she gets them! I love the pattern though, and it looks great so far. Hopefully she'll like them too!

Well it's been 11 days I've managed to not buy any yarn or fiber. I know it's a sacrifice, but I'm looking forward to knitting and spinning what I've got. I'm so bad about buying stuff, I'll never be able to use it all up!

Ok well that's it for now. I've got my Keegan Lane sock club shipment that should be on it's way, so I'll be back to show that off when it gets here!

Here, have a flower!

Socks That Rock Overload

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My order from Blue Moon was waiting for me at the post office today! I had to go up there to mail off the bobbin that I'm returning and could hardly wait to get my box home and open it.

I ordered four skeins, all mediumweight, since I like the thickness better than the lightweight.

Dutch Canyon:
I'm a bit disappointed in the lunasea, it's much brighter, and lighter toned in the blue moon picture. It's darker than it shows in this pic too. The flash lightened it. There are a lot of muddly black parts...sigh. Not sure if I hate it or just don't like it, or if I can live with it...

Grimm's Willow Wren:
I love the pastels in this one, it's really pretty.

Then there's my Funky Monkey kit, it came in a tube. These are the two skeins that were inside it. Rockstar and Hot Flash. They are kinda similar...not sure if the monkey will look how I want it. We'll see. They are half skeins, which gives you enough for one big monkey and one small. I might just make a few little ones, cuz the kids will obviously fight if they are different.
So that's my goodies for today. I have one more order from Funky Carolina that I'd placed a while ago, before the diet, so that's on the way. I also have two custom ordered piddly bags that are super cute. They should be on the way soon. AND I have a book on the way. So stay tuned.

Sorry there's no knitting, but the project I'm working on is for a swap, and I don't want to show it in case she reads the blog! I really like how it's coming out though. :)

Finished yarn!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here we have my finally plyed yarn. 533 yards of light fingering weight. It's a bit more purple in person. There is a lot of black in it, so that really toned down the colors of the roving a lot.
Here's a closeup of the yarn. I had hoped it would be a tighter ply, but it's fine the way it is.
I think my next sock yarn I will aim for a 3 ply. I've got enough bobbins now that I can use for it. I am happy with this yarn though. It was meant to be sock yarn, but now I'm not sure what I'll do with it. Maybe socks still, but maybe not. I still need to wash it and set the twist.

My blue moon order is waiting for me at the post office today, but I can't go get it till tomorrow which is killing me! I have to pack up the bobbin though, so I can mail it back when I do go. I'm just returning it for a refund. They have nothing else that I'd want to exchange it for. I'm sure it's my flyer and not the bobbin that is the problem. So for now I will wait. I might buy the plying set later.

So now it's back to the lace I was spinning. I can't wait to finish that. Especially because once that one is done, I am going to start spinning the sparkly black merino tencel for my Heere be Dragone shawl. I plan on using my high speed whorl for that yarn. I can't wait!

Ok then, that's it for now. Hopefully I can get to the post office tomorrow, and I'll be back to share my goodies!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Well, my bobbin definitely doesn't fit. No matter how I try, it doesn't. The bobbin measures at the widest of it, 4.5 inches. The space in between the bars of my flyer is 4 and 3/8. So it's off by a measly 1/8 of an inch. Isn't that absurd? I don't know what is wrong with my flyer, but a new one is more than 80 dollars, so that's not going to happen. I'm sad. When I called the Woolery, they said I could return it. They even went and took one of the plying bobbins and fit it inside a wild flyer. Theirs fit fine. At least I can return it.

Still, I got a package today, which cheered me up a bunch. It was from a family swap I signed up for on Ravelry. My swap pal is in Switzerland, so I got some neat stuff!

A book on Basel, some Ovaltine chocolate, a chocolate bar, and a little box with these puzzle things in it for the kids.The cheese card is a post card, then there are toblerone chocolates, some tea, and a cd.
There were also some books, and finger puppets and stuff for the kids, they took off with it all before I could take a picture of it all.

Lastly were these gorgeous mitts, Mrs. Beetons I believe. I adore the color, the beads (kinda hard to see, but they are on the wrist, and at the edges), everything. I'm not sure what the yarn is, I may be allergic, I got a little burning sensation when I had them on for a few mins. I've decided either way, if I am, I'll wear them over long sleeves! I love them so much.
So it was a great package, and brightened my day immensely.

You might notice that I have changed my blog look again. I got bored with the other. And now that I've discovered how easy it is to find templates and change them, I will probably do so more often. I also added a counter up top, showing how many days it's been since I started my diet. And behaved...

Other than that, not much is going on. I'll be taking the plied yarn off it's bobbin, I'll take a pic of it before I set it. I'm 3/4 done with my Destiny book, the third of four in the Rhapsody series.

Hmm, oh yeah! And my blue moon order finally shipped, so I should have that hopefully by Friday!


Monday, May 19, 2008

It felt like my plying bobbin and high speed whorl took forever to get here. Really, the wait wasn't so bad. I ordered from the Woolery on the 9th, a friday, it was processed Saturday, and sent on Monday. So I received them today a week later by UPS. Not too bad! Also, I know this because I got impatient and called them today to check on it.So here they are! I can't wait to use them. I still haven't plyed that yarn that I mentioned a few posts back, so this will be a great chance to try it out.

Other than that nothing much exciting still. I have a knitting project I cannot show, in case the recipient should read my blog. I will try to ply my yarn today though (have to pay bills first, blech) and show that off.

Yesterday my brother in law came to fix our upper driveway which had deep ruts in it from winter, and mud, and made it rather annoying to drive on. My husband took 60 pictures of the damned machinery. I deleted half of them lol. Actually, about ten of those were of the cat...Sugar.
And this pretty sky picture.
Ok well off to get the other child in bed. Now that his sister is sleeping, I can risk letting him in to nap. If they go in together they won't sleep. If I put her in first and let her fall asleep there is a better chance at them napping. :)

ETA: For some odd and frustrating reason, the plying bobbin is too big for my flyer...sigh. I plyed on a regular one instead today, but now I'm upset. I don't know if the woolery will let me return it, or have some insight as to why it won't fit! I'll call them tomorrow...

Too much stuff...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Well today I finally made it to the post office, after probably a week of not going. We use the PO box as our main address to have mail sent to, so it's usually best to go more often, but I just haven't felt like it.

I had five packages waiting for me. Yes, FIVE. Whoo boy. Good thing hubby wasn't home when I got them here. He's already a bit disturbed by the amounts of fiber I've aquired.

I had almost forgotten I'd ordered this. It's from Wooly Booly Cormos and SO SOFT. I swear I would sleep in it if I could. I got this whole pound of it pretty freakin cheap. It took a bit to get to me though, since they asked for a check, and had to wait for it to get there before sending it.

The colors aren't really ME, but I like to do something different every now and then, so I just got it. It was the last dyed batch they had anyway. Now I need to figure out what to do with a whole pound...
Next I got some bobbins I traded roving for on Ravelry. She had found them spring cleaning and didn't need them, since she no longer had a majacraft. Anyway I won't show the bobbins, those just look like bobbins, but look what they were wrapped in! Pretty sparkly batts of, well I don't know what the fiber is, but it's soft enough. How cool is that?
I also got my Loopy Ewe order in. Here is a skein of Yarn Love Scarlett O' Hara, in Sweetheart. It's super pretty in person, shiny and soft.
I also got a keychain sock blocker. I've been wanting one forever and finally got it. I splurged a whole dollar more and got the Cardom, it's a pretty color.
Then there's the roving. They are both from Creatively Dyed. 70% merino and 30% seacell. It feels a bit like a mix of silk and tencel. So it's soft, but seems like it also has a bit of fuzz. Should be fun to spin!

This one is Fairy Dust and I wish I'd gotten another. It's so pretty.
And Chocolate Covered Raspberries. I love the bright raspberry spots.
Then there was my order from Allspunup. I've been eyeing her stuff that others on Ravelry have bought, and I could no longer resist when I saw this one. Again, not my normal colors, but so bright and I love it so. She doesn't name them, so I did. I call this one Bruised Peach. Not sure why. Just looks right.
Then this one I call Violets. It just is.
The last package was my second order from GudonyaToo. I love this stuff it just smells so nice. I got another container of the whipped clean in cotton candy, and two shampoos. One is Spa Fusion, which is a really fresh cool smell. The other, which is my fave just by first sniff, is like vanilla cake or frosting with a bit of spice. I used to buy this lip gloss that smelled like it, and it was my favorite. I think it was actually called vanilla frosting. I can't remember the brand. Some of that sparkly girly stuff they sell at places like walmart and kmart.

Well those are my treasures. I'm still waiting on the order from the Woolery. I think I'll call tomorrow, they are open for a bit. I have had no shipping email and I ordered like a week and a half ago. I'm getting impatient. I also haven't gotten wind of my blue moon order. I figure they have to dye up some of it, so I'm not worried. Plus I think they email when they ship too.

Hmm, so not much knitting or spinning going on. I am mostly reading. My wrists have been needing a little break, and besides, I never realized how much I miss reading! I finished the Shadowmarch book I started this past Saturday. I was done with it by Tuesday, bought the second book in the series, Shadowplay, on Wednesday, and finished it on Thursday morning. The third book in the series, Shadowrise, is still being written so I happily started to re-read another series I had read before. I had read the books out of order not realizing there were four and not three. Sooo I read one, two, and then four. So I found book three when I got Shadowplay. Now I can read them in order. I've already finished the first one called Rhapsody, and started the second one, Prophecy. I've got a thing for fantasy, and some sci-fi books. I guess that whole escaping reality. Anywho, it's a nice change to read.

I've also decided that once again it's time to go on a yarn and fiber diet. I've got way beyond enough, so besides what I've already got, there will be no more. I'm aiming for six months. Think I can make it?

Oh and patterns, and notions, and needles don't count. Though I don't really need much of those either.

So no more tonight, this is a long enough post as is. :) More soon.

Anniversary Weekend

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beware, this is a picture heavy post!

So this past weekend as I mentioned last post, was my anniversary. 4 years, but man does it go fast or what? We didn't go far from home. The resort is probably only a half hour drive from our house, depending on the roads you take. We decided after the rainy week we had that tenting was out, so we rented one of these:
A covered wagon. Yes. Really. It's so neat looking from the outside, a pretty decent size too. Ours was called the Mallard. We chose that one because it was closest to the water and I think it might have been the largest. Here's the inside with all our stuff in it. The bed is on a platform, about queen sized. We put a full sized air mattress on it to sleep.It looks like it's covered in canvas from the inside, the outside is thankfully covered by a tarp. Only a few buggies got in and Chad took care of those. If we hadn't left the door open most of the time they probably wouldn't have.

I don't know if I'd stay in one again however, at least not in the cold. In summer there wouldn't be a problem. Not like it'd have been much better in a tent...

The forcast for the weekend had said high sixties and sun and boy were they wrong. It was cold and rainy. Technically we only spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning there but it felt like much longer. When we got there we unpacked our stuff, and I pretty much immediately wanted a fire. So Chad set to work on the logs with his hatchet and very carefully arranged it all as you can see below.
We managed to even cook with the fire. We took frozen burger patties (which by the way were not that bad) and bacon for the morning. I had a big pot I heated water in and we had hot chocolate. And OH YES, S'mores! I won't say how many I ate...let's just say I felt a bit queasy afterwards.

We did some fishing, mostly Chad. I spent a lot of time reading a book I had bought last year and didn't get past chapter 2 previously. Well I got a lot further. Although the rain and wind made things hard. I kept getting smoke in my eyes and had to move around the fire to avoid it. Regardless it was nice to just sit and read. I haven't done that in years. Pretty much since Nick has been born lol.

I did do some fishing too. This is on Sunday morning. We were both up at 5:30 (who could sleep through the birds and the loons!) and we took out the boat since it was warm and sunny. Here is the biggest one Chad caught, a rainbow trout. We put him back, but had we known that he was going to die the second we put him back we'd have kept it. And he sunk too...
And this little rainbow is mine. He uh...died too. Those two had bad luck. The others we got were fine though.
There wasn't much for great landscape pics since it was cloudy and icky most of the time. In fact, after we woke up to the warm and gorgeous sun shine, and got out on the water of the lake, clouds came in and it started to rain and cold wind blew. Before it did though I got a few pics.
This one I took on Sat I think...this woodpecker just hung around the trees near our wagon all weekend. I finally saw his little hole in one of the birch trees before we left. Here he was trying to find some bugs in the telephone pole, and not having much luck.
So in all even with the sucky weather, it was still a nice weekend. I had fun regardless. I can't wait to go camping sometime this summer, when it's warm and I can relax a little better, and knit. My hands were much to cold to do any knitting even though I brought my swirls sock, and my honeybee stole. (I know, WHAT was I thinking?)

So no knitting to show. And no plied yarn either. The kids have not been napping so I haven't had that 2 hour chunk of time to sit and do it. Especially when the she-child keeps taking her clothes off every five minutes...and yesterday Nicholas had the nerve to bite her and tell me. So I'm constantly refereeing those two.

Well this has been a long post, so here's a pic to leave off. Sugar the cat falling asleep in the most unlikely spot...the edge of the back porch. You should have seen her rocking back and forth...I thought she would fall off!

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