Not much progress.

Friday, November 30, 2007

I hate being sick. It really sucks. I haven't much been in the mood for anything. I have been knitting a little, but really not a whole lot. I mean out of the whole last week, I've done barely anything. And no spinning. I don't even have a bobbin on the wheel. That's more due to the fact I can't decide what I want to spin.

Anywho, Melissa urged me to go to the doctor when I started having some serious sinus pressure (HEADSPLITTING pain) and chest pains where I felt like I couldn't breathe. I thought I was getting better, but no. So I went and they gave me a prescription antibiotic. Great, so I can get better, except when I take the antibiotic I get some severe stomach pains (yes even with food). Sigh...

But I AM feeling better other than the few hours after taking the meds. Today I woke up and felt pretty good compared to the last week. Thank god. I have so much to do.

I am hoping to dye tomorrow, it's the weekend, so hubby can help watch the kids (I'm sure he'll be thrilled lol) so I can dye some stuff for the shop. Hopefully it won't take all day.

I have to pack up my last secret pals box. It's all here, just not in the box...and then I can mail it and wait to see how she likes it!

I also have to send out quite a few other things...I usually don't procrastinate with these things but life has been in such an upheaval.

I have almost gotten past the main patterning on the shawl, and will be doing the lily of the valley border. I am just thinking I might want the shawl bigger, it's going to be a pretty small shawl at this point. Then again, at this size there would be leftover yarn for me to knit something mitts! Lol, so I'm torn. It's not like the shawl will be tiny...anyhow to increase it evenly to make the border work would mean adding five whole repeats on the budding lace pattern (main pattern). Any thoughts? Should I make it bigger???

As far as the Gretel hat, I'm almost to the part where I get to decrease!!! I'm so excited and can't wait to wear it! Oh yea and Chad told me his Koolhaas hat is too big (as in long in the back, which it *is*...) and he wants me to fix it. At least he's been wearing it anyway. SO that means undoing the crown and frogging maybe half a repeat or something...not too hard, but then I have to reknit the crown lol. Oh boy...but I'd rather him wear it ya know?

Well that's all for now, but if I dye tomorrow I'll take pics.


Mail day!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So today was a decent mail day. That last order I've been waiting for came and a little skein of yarn I got from someone on Ravelry. The skein is Claudia Handpainted and it's in the color John B. which I've never seen anywhere. I had to have it. I plan to use it for mitts of course. A pair I started in other yarn and need to size down...I was also surprised to see two cute little markers tied to the end of the skein. How adorable are they?Then I got the Funky Carolina order from not this past weekend, but the weekend before that. Two more merino and one bfl. I now have enough of her merino in semi-coordinating colors to spin for a feather and fan shawl. Miss FC herself inspired me. Check out hers here. It's GORGEOUS. I want one of my own. I think also that with the amount of roving I own of hers, and the fact that I lurk on her blog and flickr may have bumped me up to being a full fledged Funky Carolina stalker...

Here's what I got, they are all 4 ounces each.

Inquire Redux bfl...
Flasker merino...And Surprise merino.
I have one more thing coming that I bought when I was sick, yeah, really sick, so sick I didn't realize I clicked the add to cart button. And the buy button, and then the paypal. Nope I don't remember any of that. It's one 4 ounce roving of bfl and it should be here soon...but now I really need to stop buying stuff. It's getting to be a bad habit. Especially with working now and having less time to spin.

Here are pics of the hats in progress, my gretel, and my brother's hat which is slow going...Other than that stuff, I'm not working again until Sunday so I have a few days to myself. Hopefully to clean and knit, and most of all, DYE. I hate that there's nothing in the shop. So that's next up. Ok, well, bye for now!

First Snow

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Last night it started to snow, and this morning when I got up (at FOUR) to go to work, there was a beautiful white blanket covering everything. It's a good thing that we got the snow tires on yesterday!

Needless to say the kids were beyond thrilled, and after lunch when I got home, we took them out. Here is nick trying to pull alexis in the sled. "Mom, knock it off ok?"
He was squirming in this one.
Oh and here's a pic from dinner last night. There was cake...key word WAS. With orange frosting. Yep.
So not much else going on. Just working, trying to get over being sick, and knitting a little bit. I am thinking that the second half of my Seaweed roving wants to be lace yarn. So I'll either start spinning that, or something else. I just don't know if I want to spin lace right now. So we'll see. I'm knitting my Gretel hat, it's going well so far. I've also done quite a bit on the Swallowtail shawl as well.

Oh yea and I'm sure you may have noticed that I changed my blog up a bit. I'll be slowly adding clicky stuff back as time goes on. I was getting pretty bored with the basic template, so I found this one and I really like it.

Ok well that's it for now, I'm sure there was something I'm forgetting, but I'll just talk about it next time if I remember.

Icky Flu

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The last few days have been absolutely miserable. On Friday I had to go to work at 1 in the afternoon, so that wasn't so bad. We weren't as busy as I expected and I got a lot of the cleaning up done through the evening so that there wasn't much left to do after we closed. About halfway through my shift a sore throat hit me. I mean bad too, and it was weird how suddenly it appeared. It was the kind of sore throat that makes you wish you didn't have to swallow. Anyway I hopped over to Safeway on break and got cough drops and then to Borders for coffee in the hopes that the heat would help my throat.

By the time I left to go home my whole body was aching and my head was congested. I took medicine when I got home and went to bed. Yesterday I didn't get out of bed until almost 12:30. I could barely swallow, stand up, or walk. I tried to take a shower in the hopes that I could get ready for work, but it wasn't happening. I called in. After that I passed back out on the couch after more medicine and slept for hours. The rest of the evening was spent knitting when I could sit up and watching tv. I think I left the couch twice all day to use the bathroom.

Today though I'm feeling a bit better. I am still on meds because if I don't my throat kills, but I can eat and walk, and I'm not dizzy or as sick to my stomach. I don't work till Tuesday, so that gives me another day to relax and get better.

I got a few things in the mail on Friday I thought I would share. Two extra bobbins for my wheel I got cheap from someone on Ravelry. I also got, which I forgot about, my first shipment from the Electric Sheep Fiber Club. It's three months and only $15 a month, including shipping, I couldn't pass it up. I'm not sure what the fiber is, I'll have to ask her since there wasn't anything in the package to tell me. Anywho it's called Northwest Passage and she said it was inspired by icebergs and the ocean. There is a pic on her blog.
I also got one of the two things I mentioned in the last post. It's from Spunky Eclectic, I've been dying to see what the fuss is about and NOW I know. It's gorgeous and soft and OMG. I was so happy to get it even in my sick stupor. This one is bfl in the colorway Toronto.
And this one is superwash merino in Lichen. GORGEOUS both of them. I love it...
There is also another thing I forgot about somehow. I ordered from The Loopy Ewe ages ago, and can't believe I forgot to mention it... I got a few colors of Claudia Hand Painted sock yarn.

This one is my fave and is called Sea Dreams.
Turquoise Jeans.
Walk in the Woods. I think this will be for my cousin, to make his hat and some mitts or something. We'll see.
And one skein of Cherry Tree Hill in Cherry Blossom. I think I liked it better in the loopy pic, but I like this one too. More blue in it than I would have wanted though...So that's it for my stash additions. For now... The one other thing I had mentioned should be here soon though. And in my sick haze I may have bought another 4 ounce roving of bfl from someone...

Very little knitting to report. A bit of progress on the shawl, I like how the color is changing right now, we'll see how it goes as things get bigger.
I was almost finished with the first orchid mitt, but it's too long for my fingers at the top so I have to frog it a bit (3 inches?) and reknit an inch and a half or so. Then the thumb and I can start the second. Other than that, it's fitting perfect and I love it.

Turkey Day

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm amazed by all the people who spend the whole day cooking for one meal. So much work. Not that I mind it, it's just interesting. Either way, I enjoyed the food that my MIL made (ok I helped too).

I did a little knitting today after I caught up on sleep. I worked last night until 1:30 AM. We had to set things up for tomorrow so the people working at 3 AM didn't have much to do when they got there. So today I knit on my shawl a bit, and also I picked up my orchid lace glove again, and got pretty far on it. I'm concerned that the thumb might be in a weird spot, but we'll see.

I'm a little annoyed that I missed blogging yesterday. I didn't have time to breathe hardly before work and then got home so late. It sucks, but whatever. I'll do it next year.

Ok so more hopefully tomorrow, I'm expecting something at the post office, so we'll see if it's there or not.

Mmmm roving...slurp

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ok so remember that Yarn Wench roving I ordered? Well it came yesterday! Ok and so did something else. I can't resist Funky Carolina, I just can't. Sue me. So here are pics and details to what I got this time.

First up: Yarn Wench. This one is called Lime Peacock 1 and it's 4.1 ounces of falkland wool. It doesn't feel as soft as merino or bfl, but similar to bfl in texture.This one is Whirlpool 1 and is 4 ounces of bfl.
Last from Yarn Wench is Tropical Holiday 2 and it's 4 ounces of falkland.
Now for the Funky Carolina, which is still my absolute favorite. This one is called Pit and is 4 ounces of bfl. ULTRA soft.
Grape Leaves, 4 ounces of merino. This one is way prettier in person!
Lastly we have another 4 ounces of merino called See.
I hate to admit that I have more roving on the way... I lied, I couldn't resist and went on a bit of a binge. See what happens after so long not buying stuff??? Ah well, I'll show it off as it comes. Honestly there's only two more things. No biggie.

Anywho, I started knitting my Amore bfl yarn. Pretty much as soon as it was dry enough lol. I am knitting it into a swallowtail shawl and so far it's looking ok. Here's a pic, although it doesn't show it very well.I'm excited about it, and I hope that it will cooperate and not pool or do anything weird. Either way, it's still gorgeous to me. It's even motivating me to fix the first two yarns I was working on so that I can use them!

38 Things

Monday, November 19, 2007

I was tagged for this, so I guess I'll do it for today's blog. Nothing new today anyway and I've only got time for a quick post before I have work!


1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? Chad
2. What were you doing at 0800? AM? Sleeping
3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Reading blogs, paying bills
4. What happened to you in 2006? I had Alexis
5. What was the last thing you said out loud? Probably, "NO" to Alexis for climbing stuff
6. How many beverages did you have today? nothing yet, it's early
7. What color is your hairbrush? grey
8. What was the last thing you paid for? Maraschino cherries, plastic wrap, and batteries
9. Where were you last night? Home
10. What color is your front door? Wood
11. Where do you keep your change? in a piggy bank
12. What’s the weather like today? Cold and sunny
13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor? Black Raspberry
14. What excites you? Lots
15. Do you want to cut your hair? It's needing a trim...and the highlights need fixing
16. Are you over the age of 25? No
17. Do you talk a lot? Yes, esp when I've had coffee and thenItalkreallyreallyfast.
18. Do you watch the O.C.? I've seen it once or twice I think
19. Do you know anyone named Steven? Not any more
20. Do you make up your own words? When the occasion calls for it
21. Are you a jealous person? Only a little
22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter “A”. Amanda.
23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter “S”. Sarah. (SARAH LOU STOLE MY worD)
24. Who’s the first person on your received call list? Chad
25. What does the last text message you received say? "Talk to you later then hun"
26. Do you chew on your straw? If I'm bored
27. Do you have curly hair? It's mostly straight, with a little wave.
28. Where’s the next place you’re going to? Post office, work
29. Who’s the rudest person in your life? I dunno
30. What was the last thing you ate? A cookie after dinner last night
31. Will you get married in the future? Well seeing as I'm already, hopefully not!
32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks? Shrek the Third I suppose
33. Is there anyone you like right now? Ummmm maybe ;)
34. When was the last time you did the dishes? the other day
35. Are you currently depressed? not right this second...
36. Did you cry today? Nope
37. Why did you answer and post this? I needed to post something
38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey: Oh boy, if you read this, post it! I hate tagging lol


Sunday, November 18, 2007

So after I finished spinning the bfl, I immediately had to start spinning something else. I decided on the Seaweed superwash merino tencel I got from Fat Cat Knits on etsy. I'm doing a thick and thin, which you can't really tell in the pic, but it is. I wanted to practice getting thicker singles. So that's what I've done so far, it's going very fast, and I'm not sure if I'll leave it as a single, or ply it. Thoughts anyone?
I'm thinking that I'll want to make mitts from it when I'm done, since it's superwash and all. So maybe plying would be best to make it sturdier...


Saturday, November 17, 2007

I am so in love, with my yarn!!! Yes OMG I finished plying the bfl I was spinning. I actually finished the single yesterday, and started plying last night. I got a good bit done before bed, and finished it today when I got home from work and after the kids went down to nap. Oh it's so nice, and almost perfectly balanced, which is nice after the last escapade.

Here it is plied up on the bobbin, you can see how full it is.Here it is all laid out on my lap after I wound it off the bobbin. It's covering my entire lap. There's a ton of yarn there. This is the most accurate color-wise.
For size, here it is on the keyboard. It's so thick I can't even twist it up any more than that.
And a little detail shot. It's washed out on this one but it's dark and rainy and cruddy out. No good light for pics.
Oh I feel so much better now, knowing I CAN ply and that I got this done. There is over 600 yards from this. It's sock weight, on the thinner side but thicker than some of the sock yarn I've got on hand. I'm so thrilled.

In other news, I had another etsy order! So that's good. I still haven't gotten around to dyeing. I need to do that hopefully tomorrow.

So today we had a big meeting at work, about Black Friday coming up. I was scheduled to be there from 6-12:30, but they needed someone to work tonight and had too many people scheduled this morning. So I left at 9 and am going back at 7 to help with the truck that is arriving tonight. JOY. Lol, no I volunteered. I don't really care much. I will get an extra hour too compared to the original schedule. So that's what I'm doing today. It's almost 4 now, and I have 2 or so hours to kill, and I think I'm either going to start spinning something new (still undecided) or knit.



Friday, November 16, 2007

Yes, the yarn diet is over. I lasted a month. I think that's pretty good considering. Anyway, the reason that I am off the diet is because Chad, oh sneaky husband of mine (well he THINKS he's sneaky) is not appreciating the sacrifice I was making, and is buying stuff. Rather expensive stuff. Snowboarding expensive stuff. SO if he's not going to behave, why should I be sacrificing? This does not mean a yarn buying spree either, but if I want a little something, I'm getting it. Plus I'm working, and I think that I deserve it. Lol. Not that working has been all that difficult, but it's hard when I already have so much going on. School and the kids, and trying to get this business going.

So yes, no more yarn diet. To celebrate that, I bought something from the Yarn Wench this morning when she updated. You can't see it until it arrives though. :)

In other news I am finally almost done with spinning the singles from my Amore bfl roving. I might get to it today. Then I can ply! I'm excited, but also a little worried at how it will come out. So we'll see. Especially after the pink merino escapade.

Oh yes and I'd also like to announce that I'm going to be designing a pattern for a sock club! Yes yes, I'm very excited. I got the yarn the other day in the colorway that will only be available to the club members and I'm swatching for my socks. The club does not start until March, but the deadline to Join is February 15. So if you'd like to join, that's how long you've got. There are also only 20 spots available.

Each club package will have the exclusive colorway, a pattern, and extras in it for the months of March, April and May. So if you're interested, go get a spot!

I have to say that I love this yarn, it's got a little nylon in it for durability, and it's a tad bit shiny. The colors, are gorgeous. I have only seen my own color, and it's super secret, so I can't show you, but trust me I have no doubt they are all just as pretty as mine.

Ok well I think that is enough news for today. Later!

Koolhaas hat!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I finished Chad's Koolhaas hat last night. It was a relatively easy pattern, and after the first two repeats I pretty much memorized it. I was thinking I'd have to do a 6th repeat but turns out 5 was plenty so I left it at that. So no modifications, just a really great hat! And now I want one...hehe. (Notice the sneaky little grin in picture 1)Not much in other news though, I'm trying to finish the bfl I was spinning, I haven't been able to in like a week. I'm also trying to decide what to spin next...I might spin some merino tencel...or some superwash. I would like to make some fingerless mitts, so probably superwash.

Ok well that's it for now.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I finally am getting around to taking the pictures from when I dyed the other day. These first two rovings are going to go up in my etsy shop as soon as I'm done with this post, so if you want them, go there next!

I'm calling this one Sorbet:
And this one is Violet Fields:The rest of this is for my 3 test knitters who knit my Victoriana Gloves.

Some lace which I am calling Juniper Frost:Sock yarn, Sunberry:And roving, Sweet Tarts:So yesterday's doctor appt went ok. As well as it could anyway. Obviously she screamed the whole time. For those who don't know what a VCUG is, they basically put in a catheter to the bladder and use dye to see if the bladder is refluxing back up into the kidney. Well that's what they did. And I could see myself that it was refluxing badly. So I'm not sure what will happen. I don't know if she'll grow out of it, or how long they give them before they do surgery. I won't know until we see the specialist.

Other than that, no more news. Things at Best Buy are going well, even with the early mornings. I'm so close to finishing Chads hat. After I list the roving on etsy, I'm going to go sit and knit, and watch the Bachelor. See ya!

I'm so boring...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Posting every day is tough! I feel like I must be boring all of you lol. No pics today, the fiber is all still wet. Work was easy enough. It's new release day, so we brought out all the new stuff, and set it all up, took all the old stuff down.

I have to go take Alexis to the doctor in a few hours. Since the hospital visit when she was 3 months old, we've been keeping an eye on the reflux and stuff. Today she has to get what I *think* is called a VCUG. It involves a catheter and dye and that's how they see if she still has the reflux. I think they fill up her bladder with the dyed liquid or something. All I know is she doesn't like it and I don't like that they have to do it to her.

I was supposed to go to work tonight too but Chad's car is supposed to be fixed, and I have to drive him to get it. My manager wasn't thrilled that I had to back out. I had volunteered to help unload truck since it's a big one, but we need the car too. So just more tomorrow. I decided that as hard as it is to get up at 4 something to work at 6, it goes really fast and it's not so bad. Just the getting up part.

I'm only knitting on Chad's hat right now, it's almost done and my brother's hat. I really need more fingerless mitts though, my silk ones are warm but already fuzzing up really good. So that is next on the agenda, along with everything else on the agenda previously mentioned.

I haven't done any school work or spinning at all. It really sucks. I actually haven't had time for the most part. Even the knitting I've done is only at the table when the kids eat dinner, and that's why the hats are taking so long. I really need to figure this out. My schedule is going to be really screwy for a few months...

Ok well lets hope tomorrow will bring pictures! I need to change and get things ready for her appt and feed the kids lunch...

Drive by on the block forizzle...yeah...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Just a quick post. Work was ok today, not as bad as I though to be there so early, although I did drag myself out of bed just barely.

The kids are just now in bed so I'm off to do some dyeing! I'm just gonna keep things easy and use the koolaid for speed and a few colors I know I can get out of it that I'm not yet proficient at with the acid dyes.

Pics to come later!

Oh man...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Am I ever tired!!! I made myself go to bed at a decent time last night to get to work today. I had several nightmares about being late, and woke up at 3 something and 5 something, freaking out. I did make it on time though. I just woke up from an accidental 2 hour nap too, hopefully that won't mess with me going to bed tonight.

Orientation was fine, easy enough, and I had coffee which woke me up.

Tomorrow I work from 6-10 AM, ugh. I will probably be stocking shelves which will help me know where product is located.

No knitting...none. The only thing is that I wore my silk whitewater mitts this morning because it was so cold. They were warm, but I know I'll have to fix the thumb, they were bugging me all day.

I'm hoping to dye tomorrow after I get home, and after the kids are in bed for naptime. We'll see!

ETA: Found out from Melissa's post that the Loopy Ewe has a wishlist now!!! YES. I went and added a bunch of stuff already lol. Wanna see? Click here.

"Ohhhh orrrrrrientation..."

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today was a LONG day. Oh boy. I almost got up late. Well I did get up 20 mins late, but it could have been worse. I could have slept later since the alarm apparently stopped working... Soooooo it definitely could have started things off badly. Even though I also left late, I still got there a bit early, without even speeding (much).

I think that the interview and orientation process at Best Buy is SO different. It's more laid back and involved and somehow, really fun. At least at this one. Maybe it's just the people there. I really do think that I'm going to like it, which is a good thing!

I just got home a bit ago, so no knitting or spinning really. I brought Chad's hat along to knit if I got time, but I didn't.

Other than that, not much is up, I'm going to be pretty busy from now on, and they have scheduled me for early mornings...which isn't cool, but I'll deal. I can't really complain after how long it took me to even get a job at all. Maybe it will fix my retarded sleep issues and I'll get to bed before 2 am.

Ok more tomorrow, hopefully that is, there will be something to talk about!

Whitewater Mitts!

Friday, November 09, 2007

I have finally finished my whitewater mitts. FINALLY. I am still debating adding ribbing to the thumbs. I think it might look and fit better. We'll see. I've started Chad's Koolhaas hat, and it's easier than it looks. I'm a bit worried that it's going to be too small around the circumference. We'll see if it fits him or not. I'm also starting my brother's hat.

Other than that, not much is up. Now I have to go, there is a pile of apples waiting for me, to be cut and baked into a yummy pie.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Today might be one of the most annoying days ever.

I woke up really late to take Nick to the doctor. We managed to get there ON TIME amazingly enough, and in the right building and parking garage. Normally it takes forever to get there and I park in the wrong place and have to walk through several buildings and over a million skywalks... Nick was good and didn't fuss much with the check up and we left with nemo stickers in hand.

So that was ok. I headed over to Paradise Fibers and got more roving to dye. 2 pounds of the same merino I got last time, a pound more of the merino tencel, and 2 pounds of bfl. It's yummy! I also got some crystal palace size 0's because I didn't have any in that size (and have a few socks that call for them, as well as the endpaper mitts). And, I got a single ball of yarn. I'm not counting it as breaking the diet, b/c it's for Chad's hat, and he TOLD me to get it, because he wants the hat like yesterday. It's not for me. And I was good and that's all I bought. It's black cascade 220 superwash, not the softest stuff, but it will work fine. And it will be the all important: washable.

Then I had to go to Wal-Mart. Things were fine until we left, when Nicholas saw some dogs in the bed of someone's truck and freaked out. He wanted to go see them. It took me ten minutes to strap him in. He was throwing things out the door across the parking lot, kicking, screaming, and just generally being a pain.

FINALLY we left and I headed up the highway. Quite a ways down I was driving along and there was a car next to me on the right, just a bit ahead of mine, not right next to me. Suddenly they decide (without looking!!!) that they are going to pull over into my lane! I had to lay on the horn and slam on my breaks and they still almost hit me. They just kept going though, didn't pull away like most SANE people would. OMG I swear. So then I was shaking and my legs felt like jelly.

Up the highway we go, a good ten miles out of the way to get to the post office. Chad ordered a part for the car and wanted me to stop and see if it was there. I get there and guess what. CHAD had taken the PO Box key off my key ring. GREAT. So I go in anyway in hopes that if I show my license they will give me the mail. Sure the guy says, and comes back with a few pieces of junk mail in his hands. Then he tells me that he can only give me MY mail that is addressed to me. OMG. Stupid stupid STUPID.

Some days I should NOT leave the house...

Gloomy Weather

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Today in the eastern part of WA it is rainy and gloomy and wet and cold. I LOVE IT. I always feel happy when it rains. Gives me all the more reason to snuggle up at home and knit.

Didn't finish the mitts today though, I cast on the second Retro Rib sock instead and have been slowly spinning the second half of my roving.

STILL waiting to hear from Best Buy about orientation. I might call tomorrow. I'm not real worried, just that I need to plan around it.

AND today I got an email confirmation from BMFA. Know what that stands for? Ok I'll tell you. I sent in the thing to be in the 2008 Sock Club for Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I'm not sure if the email confirmation is just to say they got it, or if it means I got a spot. I KNOW I'm on a yarn diet, but it's not till next year anyway. I don't think I'll make it past the end of the year... Still that's a pretty good yarn diet. Plus I justify it with the fact that I'll be working.

Ok well more tomorrow, and hopefully a finished pair of mitts!

A few pics finally...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I finished the first of the Retro Rib socks while watching the Bachelor on the dvr today. I have found with many of my socks that the feet end up being too long for my foot, so I started the toe a little earlier and it fits much better. I love this sock. I will probably cast on the second tomorrow to avoid any delay in knitting it. After that, I will cast on the second Twisted Flower sock, before starting a new pair. I'm really trying to behave here. I'm torn though for the next pattern. It will either be Pomatomus or the Embossed Leaves socks. I am probably going to use the claudia handpainted in Freesia (which I had originally tried to knit the mad color weave socks in) for Pomatomus, because the color changes make it hard to find a pattern. I'm hoping Pomatomus will be the right one. Then for the Embossed Leaves I have just a teal yarn for those. I guess I will decide depending on how I feel after I finish my Twisted Flower socks!Here is the bobbin I finished up last night. 2 ounces of the bfl all spun and waiting to be plied. I love it ever so much, and I think it will be a good sockweight for sure when I'm done. I can't wait!
I'm still working on the whitewater mitt. It will be done very soon. I could have finished it today, but I got caught up in the sock. Maybe tomorrow?

Still no pictures...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Well I've made a lot of progress but no pics to show you today.

I'm almost halfway through my Amore roving, that I'm hoping will be sockweight when I'm done.

I'm up to the thumb gusset on my second whitewater wristwarmer. I should be done tomorrow and I will take a picture of them!

That's really it I suppose...

Oh yeah! And I had a third sale in my shop last night! I have to hurry and get more roving... whoohoo!

Back in time!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

For some reason the time changes really throw me off. Seriously. I feel like my head is floating around not attached to my body.

I really don't have a ton to talk about. I've been waiting to hear from best buy about orientation, but I don't think that's till the end of next week.

I have a million things to knit. I started my second whitewater wristwarmer. It's not far enough to take a picture yet though. I decided to finish it quick because I need the 2's for my brother's hat. I still have to make my BIL his matching fingerless mitts to go with his hat. I have several pairs of wristwarmers to knit for me. My hands are always freezing, and with all the ones I've knit everyone else... somehow I have none. Ok well I have ONE pair but they are MIA. I have those two Monica Knits patterns to make, I want to make a pair of the dragonscale ones, and I've recently fallen in love with the endpaper mitts. In progress are the whitewater ones, and the orchid lace, which I've lost my place on. Also I accidentally pulled 3 of the 4 needles out of the knitting on it. I put them back, but usually I use my needles like stitch markers you know? Lastly I need to finish my victoriana mitts I own my MIL, one is finished, but the yarn is alpaca...I should be ok to knit with it, it's just wearing it that bugs me.

So my future is full of fingerless mitts. That and I've recently fallen in love with the pomatomus socks. (Darn it Opal!) I'm not even done with my Retro Rib socks yet. I've taken to knitting them at dinner and lunch times though, when the kids are eating. It's easy to get 4 or so rows done at a time. The first one is getting close to the toe.

Ok well sorry for no pics again. Hopefully I'll finish something soon and have it to show off.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

So I'm not sure if this counts for today or not, I suppose that's open to interpretation, but we've set our clocks back (is there a certain time that happens???) and HERE at least it's only 11:40...

Thought I'd post and just say heck with it. I'm not going to NOT post and chance it.

Today there was a mini ravelry meetup here with a few of us that are in Spokane. It was fun, and I really enjoyed meeting everyone in person. I can't wait to do it again!

I also totally curbed the rims of our car. It was just lovely. They are aftermarket (his idea not mine) and so they are pretty much ruined now. Ah well.

Nothing else exciting though. More tomorrow!

Day 2 and counting...

Friday, November 02, 2007

It's day two of the month long posting extravaganza!

I forgot to mention yesterday that we had a milestone in our house. Nick finally (after a good 45 mins with him in the bathroom) used the potty! He doesn't want to again, but it's a step. He understands, he just doesn't want to. We bribe him with "tandies" (candy) to get him to go. I usually have a stash of chocolate, most often its those Hugs kisses. So we tell him he only gets one if he goes potty. For a week or two now that's what we've been telling him, and yesterday it was finally motivation.

I also finally finished my sister's Luckiest Bag. I love it so much that I want to keep it for myself. Here are some pics!This is the lining I used. It's an EXACT color match to the plum cascade. Seriously. I love it.
It's beautiful and I love everything about this bag. I can't wait to make mine! The straps I was afraid would be too short, but they are just right. The bag hangs in the perfect position. They are also leather and very affordable. I did a lot of searching and even the fake vinyl ones are about 20 bucks for a pair. These were 15 and came with the handles, the cute wooden buttons, and some waxed linen to sew them on. Here's a link to the company: Homestead Heirlooms. I got the 20" button handles on this page in brown.

ETA: Melissa just informed me that Webs carries them now too! Check them out, they are the same price either way. :)

Ok that's it for now! See ya tomorrow.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Have you joined yet? It stands for National Blog Posting Month. All you have to do is post every day in November. Of course since it's already the 2nd of November on the east's a bit late to join. I'm going to try though, I just might have to save things for each day instead of writing it all at once.

So today's news. I had another sale at my etsy shop! Go me! I plan on getting more fiber this week hopefully. Maybe I will go on Saturday. I want some bfl. Seriously. (Mostly so I can keep one to spin muahahah. No I really won't. That would probably count as buying fiber...)

Also in today's news, I got a job! I had my second interview today at Best Buy, and the guy offered me the job. It's seasonal, but that doesn't mean I won't be able to stay on in January if they like me. I think it should be a fun place to work and I'm glad that I finally can stop looking (god it's been months..).

Ok that's all you get for today. More tomorrow!

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