Should be doing something productive...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Ok so here it is 2 am and I'm still up, on the computer. And not really doing anything productive either. I could be at least tackling some of my class assignments to get them out of the way. Instead I watched Grey's Anatomy and CSI from the DVR since I missed them earlier this evening. And knit. And now I'm updating my blog!

So I finished my Clapotis scarf from It turned out fabulous. I made it out of silk that I bought on eBay and dyed with kool-aid. Sounds shady but it's beautiful. The shine of the silk really adds a whole nother dimension to the color. Anyway here are a few pics of it. This first pic is a good one to show the true color of the yarn, see how shiny it is! And this picture is a really good picture of the detail of the dropped stitches in the pattern.This is a broader shot, to see better how it looks as a whole. It's really something best appreciated in person. I seriously love this scarf.
Still nothing from Knitty on either of my designs. So that should be a good sign. I was really quite proud of myself for those two. I also started a new sweater. The one on the cover of the new Knit.1 magazine with the fair isle hearts design. I'm not so good at fair isle, but this looks relatively easy and should be a good project to practice my skills. I'm using Andean Silk from Knitpicks, and I'm seriously impressed with how soft and beautiful it knits up. I love the Cranberry color I got. Very rich and a tad bit shiny. I'll post pics of stuff as I get around to it. I'm lazy when it comes to that part sometimes!


Sandy said...

OOOOHH!!! This turned out BEAUTIFUL!! Wish I could touch it! I love, love the colors! Maybe I need to scroll back and read more...but what flavors did you use? This is just awsome!!
The computer can really keep me from knitting etc too....but without the internet, where would I get inspiration? AWSOME!

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