"Here's the mail it never fails..."

Friday, April 11, 2008

I've been watching too much Blue's Clues...

(those of you who don't will have no idea but there's this little song that goes:

Here's the mail it never fails,
It makes me want to wag my tail
And when it comes I want to wail....
Mail!!!! (complete with happy hands and facial jestures)

Something like that...)

So I have a few goodies to share. Ok more than a few. You know me...

Two batts from Enchanted Knoll. They are black superwash merino with sari silk and glitz in them and OMG gorgeous drool beyond amazing stuff. This first one is Phoenix, which has red and gold silk and glitz.And this one is Araucuna, which is green.
They are a LOT more subtle in person, the flash really doesn't help that. They look more black with a slight sparkle, and I like that. I also thought that it might be rough, or scratchy with the stuff in it but it's SO NOT. I adore it. I think I may ask for a custom order of black with red and pink or something...

I also got a custom order from Pigeonroof. Sort of... She keeps a list of stuff people want, and when she can she dyes it. Well last week she listed three superwash bfl rovings in colors I had asked for. I love them!

This one is Black Magic,
and Calla.
I know the bottom two look similar and they are. The calla has more orange and purple in it. Vintage is more pink and green. It will be very interesting to see them skeined...

Lastly I got my April sock club from Keegan Lane! The pattern is super cute, I love the yarn, and she sent some cute things in the package, including a needle case that she sewed up herself. It's got a little dragonfly! I love dragonflies. (And hummingbirds...)
She also included a set of Pattern Tamers that she had a spare set of for me. They are basically ribbons with magnets inside, and you use them to keep your place on charts and stuff. The two magnets stick together and stay in place which helps you keep your eye on the right line of your chart, etc. Very cool! I think I may need to go buy another set...
Lastly, today I ran up to Michaels after work. I had a 40% off coupon and had been wanting to get some watercolor paper to try some Gouache I found in my art box. Little did I know the brand I usually buy for sketch books was already on sale. I also needed brushes (since all mine have been used for acrylic, and Chad ruined some...) and the Loew Cornell (single brushes) were on sale as well, but I got a little pack instead. I haven't painted in a while (4 years?) and wasn't sure which ones I would want to use. Lastly I looked around and found a pack of 18 gouache colors. They are a different brand than the few I have, and probably cheap, but I think they will be good practice to see if I like it. If I do, then I'll get the better stuff.
With the coupon it was about 26 bucks which isn't too bad. I think I got decent stuff for a good price. I'm excited to try it out though it will have to wait until my test knit is done. I feel guilty even blogging when I could be knitting. I'm only halfway and have obviously determined I won't make the deadline of the 14th, but am hoping that I won't run over that much.

Not much else is happening. I'm trying to go see the Yarn Harlot in Seattle. It would be a five hour drive there, and then 5 back at night...but I missed her last time and I'd really like to go. Chad, knowing how badly I want to go, has offered to take that day off to watch the kids. It means missing two days I normally work, so I won't know until I talk to my boss on Sunday...

Mostly it's because I work Mondays and it's on a Monday. So if I had to get up at my normal 4:30 am to work on Monday, I'd never make it all day to Seattle and home (which I wouldn't get home till 2 or 3 am most likely). Then I normally work on Tues morning, which also means getting up at 4:30. See how much that would suck?

So we'll see what she says. I am basically the only morning person, so I may not be able to...

Ok, off to knit and warm up on the couch. It's warm outside, but man is it freezing in here for some reason!


Opal said...

I covet your batts. They are so divine! Is the first one Black Magic Woman?

Let me know how you like the Pattern Tamers. I've been thinking of getting those, but I really love my highlighting tape.

Rachel said...

You really did get some nice things in the mail! I'm not a spinner, so I'm having fun imagining what those batts will look like once they're spun into real yarn. Can't wait to see it!

Oh, I got the package - thanks again for sending it!

Hope you're able to get to see the Yarn Harlot. I've always loved her writing, but so far, no luck with actually getting to meet her in person!

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