Road Trip!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So yesterday was my big road trip to Seattle to see the Yarn Harlot. I had arranged to have a friend ride with me who I found on Ravelry, because I knew that I did not want to drive to or brave Seattle alone. So Allison met me at 11am to begin our journey.

About 4 hours later we were in Seattle and our first stop was Weaving Works. Allison had heard good things, so it was natural we wanted to check it out. It's a pretty decent sized store. It was easy to get through the aisles and see everything. There were tags on the shelves near the yarns with prices. I gravitated mostly to the sock yarns obviously. They had Koigu, but what caught my eye were two little skeins above that on a shelf full of Claudia Hand Painted.Strawberry Latte. I had wanted this color when The Loopy Ewe had it, but restrained myself because I would have bought more than that and didn't want to spend a bunch. I immediately grabbed them. Then I wandered around a bit and found Allison. She was very excited about the store but wasn't sure what to get.

So with some advice from the ladies working there (who were the friendliest and nicest I'm pleased to report) we went a block over to a little restaurant called Costa's. Greek I imagine. It was amazing food. I had a fettuccine alfredo with chicken and it was the best I have EVER had. Literally. Allison said the same of her lunch as well.

We made a plan so she would know what to look at and we walked back over to Weaving Works. She got some Cascade for a bag, and some in superwash for mitts. We wound up all her yarn and we were done.

A good haul! We were both pretty happy with the purchases we had made. Myself especially in scoring a color I loved and in my restraint at only buying that. (Of course, I did look but there was nothing else that called to me lol.)

Off to Third Place Books (which by the way is huge and a really cool bookstore!) we went. We were a little over an hour early for it. I went and bought my book to have it for the signing, and we found seats. Both of us settled in for the wait, knitting and chatting. Finally it was time!

She talked for about an hour, and had a question and answer part at the end. I was laughing for 90% of the time that she talked. So much so that I was close to tears! She's a great speaker, the facial expressions, impressions, and everything add so much to what she says.
After that it was book signing time, and I got Allison to take a picture for me. I held the sock! (I also look ridiculous in this picture lol, but the other one she took my eyes were half closed!)
Here is a picture of my Swirls sock, I did about half of that before and during the presentation. I love it so far. It's a great pattern and I will for sure be making it again.
Then we braved the ridiculously long drive home. It took around 4 hours to get to Spokane, and after I dropped off Allison it was about 45 minutes to get home. The suicidal deer were out in full force or I'd have been home earlier. I fell into bed and was out pretty much immediately. I slept until 1pm today. So now that the kids are napping, I'm off to knit on the couch and catch up on the DVR.


Knit & Purl Mama said...

So jealous you got to see Harlot! She hasnt been to Montreal in forever (November 2006). I saw her at Webs though, (May 2007), so sad I can't go see her again this year at Webs.

Love your socks, they look great so far!

monica said...

What a great trip and you got to see The Harlot and have your picture taken with her. Yay for you!!!!

Melissa said...

Hurray! What a wonderful time you had! YAY! :)

Logan said...

Awesome! Isn't she the best?

Also that sock yarn is mega pretty.

Opal said...

Sounds like such a wonderful outing! Is the Swirls design your own?

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