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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I share with you today, how easily I bruise. See those reddish marks on my arm? They are darker in real life, but those are from carrying grocery bags. Yeah...
I got fun things in the mail, two rovings from Allspunup's last update. I haven't named them yet.
I love them both! I was so excited to get them today.
I have a targhee roving on the way from MoonlightBaker, and two rovings (one rambouillet and one merino/seacell) from Flawful Fibers. I've been bad and I know it...

Other than that, today I dropped off my things to the fairgrounds. I entered my twisted flower socks and my teal colored spring things shawl in the knitting. In the wool I entered two handspun skeins, and my swallowtail knit from handspun. I didn't get the thumb of Alexis' mitten done to enter that. It would NOT behave and I ripped it back out twice.

Well, nothing new elsewise. I'll be around, probably with pictures of the fair and let you all know how my entries did!


Opal said...

OMG! You got bruised carrying *groceries*?? You poor thing!

I adore All Spun Up. *sigh*

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