All That Glitters

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I feel like a bad blogger lately, I'm so used to having lots to say! Nothing really going on. School, moping around the house. I'm in one of those funks. Not really depressed but where I don't feel like doing much.

I did get my roving in the mail today! As I mentioned before it's from Copperpot on etsy, and it's called All That Glitters. I love that name. I can't wait to spin it up. Of course I'm finishing the merino first. And I need more bobbins. Anyway here are some pics, it's hard to capture the glitteryness.
I haven't really knit anything though, just on my sister's leg warmers, which hurt to knit. I don't like the yarn much. And it's funny how size 3 needles seem freakishly huge after 1-2's.

On the job front, well I'm not so sure about that design job. I've been in twice and thought I was doing ok but apparently they do things much faster and different than I thought. I just don't have the time or motivation to learn a whole new program. It's also a more stressful job than I need right now. AND I remembered that there is a reason I switched from graphic design to web design. I hate designing for print. So I think I'm just going to let him know it isn't going to work out.

I am applying to other jobs though. So hopefully something will work out.

Otherwise it's just life as usual. I've been trying to find yarn for that tangled yoke cardigan. I am prollie going to get elsebeth lavold silky wool. The colors I like are 14 and 48, pretty greens. I'm waiting though because right now we just don't have any money for yarn. (sniff) Also I have a few patterns I want to buy that I recently discovered. It seems like I find all the fun stuff when we are broke lol. On top of that I really want to make the Lady Eleanor stole, but I have to find a good yarn to sub. Noro Silk Garden is the most common one but it's too scratchy for me. I saw some people using Rowan Tapestry, which is gorgeous, but I have to touch it next time I go to the LYS. Other than that I'm out of ideas! I guess I could dye my own...

Ok well I guess that's it. More when I have something good to post...


Vanessa said...

Just wanted to say that dyeing your own yarn for the Lady Eleanor Shawl is a great idea. That way you can plan your own colors and dye as you go
I cannot wait to see what you decide

Opal said...

oooh! shiny!

Valerie said...

What beautiful roving! That's going to look amazing when it's spun. Sorry to hear you're in a funk hun. I also hope all works out with the job search. I know it's been a pain in the arse for you lately. -=hugs for you=-

Teresa said...

I'm sorry to hear you're in a funk. I get in those from time to time. Sometimes I just do something completely different if anything at all. And after a day or two of "a real break" I can go back to doing what I do. Designing for print is a LOT different than the web. Sorry it won't work out. Don't worry, the right job will come along. :D

The roving is gorgeous! All the glitter, what are you going to make with it? I can just see your daughter oogling it..I know my daughter is(I say this as she points to the screen going "Ooooo Pretty!!"). :D

Alpaca Christine said...

YAAAAAAAAY for glitter!

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