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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ok so this post will be mostly pictures. It's late and I don't feel like jabbering on. I'm supposed to be cleaning because my satellite internet is getting installed tomorrow. Unless something gets in the way of that. Anywho I don't want it to be a disaster. So no thanks to hubby whom I'm a little pissed off at...

On a good note, I got a call today for an interview on thurs for some design stuff. The bad part is the work I've done needs to be printed out to bring with me, you know for a portfolio, and most of it won't print in the right colors. Damn design programs!!! I'm seriously annoyed.

Another good thing, my Chewy Spaghetti sock club package came today. I LOVE the yarn, way better colors to my taste as compared to the last skein. I loooove it. There are some other things, one of which (a sheep bath fizzy) got smashed to bits in the package on it's way. Here's a pic of the yarn.
Here are pics of all the things mentioned in the last post, though they are now out of date. Well here's the red top I finished. I think it came out well. I have to weave in the ends and I'll get a pic of it on.The twisted flower sock which I totally love.
The monkey sock, which I am now way past this point, in fact I'm done with the heel and into the foot already. It won't be long before it's done.And my Mad Color Weave socks. I'm also a bit further, this is just beginning, I've just finished the third pattern repeat of 6 for the cuff. I would be further but I haven't touched it since th last post until today. In this pic you can just see the slanty weave stitches. All you do is slip them for two rows and then knit on the third. It's really much easier than I thought it would be.
No pics of this but I am still spinning away. I am going to ply some next, to clear the bobbins and then I will split the rest of the pink merino up evenly and spin onto two bobbins to ply again. I think it will be more sock weight but I can still use it for a small shawl.

Ok off to clean some more... god who the heck cleans at 3:30 in the morning? Good thing I drank some caffeine...I'm really gonna be dragging tomorrow...


Teresa said...

Good luck on the interview. The web has a hard time being printed out properly I've noticed as well. Specially when I print out my digital artwork it never turns out properly. I like the colors in that yarn, and your socks look great btw!

Opal said...

Cleaning at 3:30am? I used to do that when I had really bad insomnia. Of course I wasn't knitting at the time. Since then I've got a house that's neglected and any time I have with insomnia is spent knitting or spinning.

I love your Twisted Flower Sock!

Good luck with your interview and the printing of your designs!

amanda said...

You've got some good knits going on now!

Valerie said...

-=chuckle=- I get my best cleaning done at 3:30 am. On the weekends of course. I love the yarn, reminds me of Christmas and Peppermint. Sorry you're mad at the hubby though. I hope all works out with the printer and best of luck with the Interview!!!

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