Knitting Update

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ok so I have a million and one projects going. I am trying so hard to use up my yarn stash (so I can buy more!!!) and that means lots of things to do. I have a sweater for my mom that is finished except for one sleeve. It's the Simple Knitted Bodice from and I did it out of a yellow color. Merino Style from KnitPicks. And I took the time to string my own damned beads onto it to make it pretty. I was planning on using that yarn for a different sweater for her until I found out she doesn't like turtlenecks. Anyhow I have that and I have a sweater I am making my mother-in-law out of Lion Brand Homespun because she loves that yarn. It's like 15 percent done. I have gloves for her also, but only one done. I am making socks for my grandmother, again, only one is done. I promised my brother some gloves, and I am still trying to decide what to make my sister...

I have the yarn to make the Sherwood sweater (Knitty) for my son, I finally printed out the graphs for that just now. I had to play with them in photoshop and connect them to print on one page, but they are tiny! And I have a winter hat to make for my daughter. Then there are all the countless things I have yarn for that I bought to make myself different things. And I can't stop buying patterns! I was horrible yesterday and bought Vogue Knitting and Knit 1. So now there are like five more things I HAVE to make. Oh and did I mention the baby blanket I have to make for my husbands' friends' wife who is pregnant? Yikes! Anyway I shouldn't be on here, I should be knitting like a madwoman! I'll post pics of stuff as I go.



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