No more yarn, I promise...I think

Saturday, October 14, 2006

So I've promised myself that I will not buy anymore yarn...(ok and I promised my husband too). I have too much if that was possible right? I started by buying yarn for specific projects. A sweater here, a sweater there, and some socks... That evolved into buying yarn because it was pretty, on sale, clearance, or just really cheap on eBay. eBay will be the death of me yet! Here is a pic of my current stash. This is all the yarn I could fit into one of the drawers under my bed. In addition I have another whole pack the size of that yellow color in the cornflower color. And there are various piles of yarn around the house, on tables, in bags, boxes, my purse, wherever they fit! So I'm finally breaking down and trying to finish up all my projects I have going on and use up some of the yarn I've bought specifically for others. Then again, I am still watching some good stuff on eBay... ;)


Sandy said...

I lobve your stash!! I could have fun knitting with that!! Make no apologies...please!!

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