Good Mail Day! (RSC Spoiler ahead)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So today I went up to the post office after work. I knew my RSC shipment was waiting for me, and I had some destashing items to mail off. I was not expecting this most wonderful package that arrived also. It is the one for the HHHH swap! I got some great stuff, more than I ever expected, and all of it is awesome!
On the top left is a batt from Loop on etsy. Gorgeous bamboo in the colorway Mint Chocolate Chip. Below that is a knitting keychain, the yarn spun just for me (160ish yards of merino silk!), and soap in the brown wrapping. Then there is a set of knitpicks dpns in size 1, a wpi tool, and a card that has a hat pattern on it! The yellow packet and the ones to the right of it are wool wash samples, then on the left is a little notepad and chicken thingy.

It's an amazing package, and I couldn't ask for more! Thanks so much Elizabeth!

Next up is the RSC package. I had accidentally seen the yarn on someone else's blog, and I knew that I would love it when I got it in my hands. I adore pastels and I love the pattern. Well, it comes with two.
The one in the pic is the Gumdrop pattern. Oh and the yarn is called Goody Goody, and came with sweet tarts! Which also happens to be the name of the other pattern, a simple ankle sock but it's cute in the yarn!

I can't wait to knit both of these socks...I wonder if I'll have enough for both with one skein? Maybe, I have smallish feet. If not I'll do the anklets with something else, I've got some jelly bean colored cherry tree hill. I bet that would work!

Well off to knit now. I'm just about to the beaded bit of the swallowtail! I am in the home stretch now, and the beads will keep me motivated. :)


Opal said...

Awesome swag! You get the best mail days. No wonder you can hold fast to that diet of yours. o.O

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