What a busy week!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ok so I don't know what's up with Blogger. Is mine the only one being retarded???

Anyway, haven't had much time to update. I've been so busy for the last week I've done almost no knitting or spinning at all. My dad flew in from Massachusetts on the 14th, and my sister from NY on the 17th, so we packed in all the visiting and fun while we could. My dad got in later on Monday, so Tuesday I took the kids in and we walked to the big park downtown to feed the ducks and ride the carousel they have there. On Thursday when Meg got in I took them in and they swam at the pool at the hotel. Friday Meg and I took Nick to see Wall-E. Oh man was that a cute movie! I loved it and so did he. He also ate half a tub of popcorn...by himself...(This is Meg and Nick)

Saturday was a family gathering, all the "fun" (say that in the most sarcastic voice ever) people who live here that I never see. Some of them aren't so bad, others are annoying. Either way, if the party hadn't been in a backyard with two ponds, balloons and presents the kids couldn't touch, and alcohol, it would have been nicer...(Meg and Alexis)

Sunday I worked,and then my dad, sister, and I went to breakfast. Then we went to look at a house (which I'll talk about in a min) and that night my sister and I went to dinner. We went to Olive Garden, but there was a 45 minute wait. So we went over to Nordstrom to look around and I finally found a decent pair of shoes to wear to work. (These are the ones I got, in black, SO comfy) Then we went back to eat, and I got a glass of wine with dinner. It was SO good. Some of the better wine I've tasted. Beringer White Zinfandel, a Chardonnay version or something. I need to find some...anyway it's a really dark zinfandel, but man it was good!

Monday I worked and my manager let me leave early. I went home and I got ready to go back out. My sister and I met up with my dad to go back to that house and see inside. After that we got food from Sonic, and went up to my dad's sister's house and I got a purse from her. She sells those reproduction ones. It's SO adorable. Then we went to see that new batman movie. Dark Knight something or other. It was AMAZING. A really great movie.

So that brings us to today. My sister flew home at 6am, and I vegged all day, relaxing after the last week of activity. My dad was supposed to be here till Friday but changed his flight to go home tomorrow. So when hubby got home we took the kids in for one last short visit. We walked back to the park and sat in the hotel talking for a bit before heading home.

So it was a good visit. My sister bought me an iPod shuffle, but the dock adapter won't work in my car so I'm returning it and upgrading to the Nano. My dad gave me a bit of money for whatever, so I figure I should get something I've been wanting for a while! I would have been fine with the shuffle, but if I can't use it in the car...and I don't want to bother with the fm transmitters. Why would I when we have a plug just for iPods???

Ok so I'll try to keep this bit short, this is already a long post. My dad grew up here in Spokane, and when he retires in 8 years he wants a place to stay when he visits and stuff. So he decided to buy a cheap house and let us live in it until then. We'd have to pay part of the rent, etc. But since we can't afford our own house, we could stay there, fix it up, and whatnot. The one we were looking at wasn't cooperating so we're going to keep looking. I am excited. Chad's mom, not so much. I think she wants us to stay here forever, and OMG I can't lol. I need my own place. It's been 4 years here, and while it's bearable, I can't handle it for much longer. So we will be searching and let my dad know when something good shows up.

Oh and if you are in need of any yarn...I'm destashing over on Ravelry. See it here.


bockstark.knits said...

Wow, what a great dad!!! :) Hope it all goes well - I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll find something soon!

Tasha said...

That is so freakin awesome! I don't have it as bad as you. My husband and his mom own the house we live in. She lives upstairs with R's sister, her child, and R's brother. We live in the basement. I can't tell you how much I need to leave here (although, I am guessing you have a clue ;) )
Fingers crossed, you find something awesome!

Meliabella said...

Wow! That sure was a busy week! So happy for you on the house. I know the perfect on will show up soon! :)

Opal said...

How exciting! Your own house! Congrats!

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