Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just a quick one to show off the beads on the swallowtail. They match SO well you almost can't see them. But they are silver lined, so when the light hits them right, they shine!
This pic shows the beads a little better, but the flash skewed the colors.
In other news, I am a moron. I mailed two destash packages to the wrong people...sigh. They are very understanding though and it's being fixed thank goodness. That's what I get for not paying attention!

So now I'm off to work on the swallowtail some more. I probably won't knit or spin anything else till it's done, I can taste the end!

Also, this one is gonna be hard to part, it's just so pretty with the beads! I'll be excited to finish though, cuz it means I can cast on Laminaria with that pretty handspun, the blue/green single. Maybe I'll find a way to add beads to that too...


Opal said...

ooh those beads are snazzy!

Melissa said...

You're the best! XOXOXOX

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