Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Just a few pictures I've taken.

This is the turkey that was chilling in the yard yesterday. I don't know what it was doing alone, most often they are all in a big group.
The hail we got during the storm last night. It was the loudest thunderstorm I remember having here ever. The kids were ok till it got really close. Sugar the cat was crying on the porch and we had to let her in the house till it passed by.
Nicholas wearing his Dinosaur tail. We got it at the Walking With the Dinosaurs show that came a while ago. This is the first time he hasn't been scared of it and put it on. He went around the room and hit stuff with it for a while.
The kids worked together to clean up the floor so they could have their little play tent set up. Amazing...

Here they are in the tent, cuddled up, and watching Aladdin.
Nick needs a haircut desperately...

No knitting news. Well not anything new. About 3 inches into the hat, and that's it. I'm also finishing up the bobbin on my wheel. I'd probably get more done if I wasn't playing Mario on my DS so much...


Opal said...

Whoa. That is one huge turkey! :-o

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