Thursday, February 08, 2007

Never knew that I had so much traffic on this blog! I installed a counter from statcounter.com and I can't believe how many people visit me! Mostly for patterns. Either way, at least I know I'm not just writing for nothing.

In any case, working on my other green hat for the green-hat-along at getstitchy. I had originally frogged it because it was too small. The yarn I am using isn't as stretchy. So we'll see how this one comes out. Hard to tell yet how it's going. I'm not undoing it again though, if it's too small I know I can save it for Alexis. In any case, the pattern for it is here if you want to see which hat it is.
Rose of Sharon Hat

It's way cute, and I have some white and yellow yarn to make more of them. Probably two from the white, another for me and one for Alexis, and my friends baby Maya needs one too so maybe I'll use the yellow for her.

I am putting a hold on my fair isle sweater until I figure out why the pattern is retarded and can fix my sleeve. Can you believe it? I only have the sleeves left, and I'm stuck!

So I've been working on the sleeves one of my other sweaters that has been so close to finishing. Hopefully I'll get is done. Well that's about it for right now.


crissy said...

:) yep i come to see how your doing see if you posted your one of my am reads over coffee. thought i would let you know :)
i got alot of knitting blogs off the my space knitting site and that is how i found get stitchy and blue pie thing and the like. sure am glad i found you all makes knitting alot more worth it . :)
hope you figure out the sleeve. i do the seamless raglan sweaters knit from the neck down and everry thing i do one one i use lost of stitch markers so i can track what i do and do the same on the other one. not sure that would help you out but it sure helps me keep track of all the decreases i do .

Valerie said...

I frequent your blog quite often. I even have a link to it on my blog.=)

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