More roving!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I just got this stuff in the mail today, and I am in hog heaven with it! The colors are so gorgeous, it's super soft, and it's seriously to die for. I got it from etsy, seller copperpot. Shipping was fast too! I know where I'm going to buy all my roving now! I'm seriously fighting the urge to go buy more now. I started some leg warmers, or as I call them (I have no idea why), leggers. They are a modified version of this Snowdrop pattern. I cast on a different number to match my gauge and did stripes on the ribbing. It's also a different yarn, some elann esprit, since it's stretchy. Other than that, same pattern. I plan on doing some for me in green. And the colors in this pic are off too. They are more of a tan beige and dusty rose color. The flash messes it all up. These are for my sister. On other fronts, I have yet to cast on for my other spiral sock. Mostly because I owe my sister her leggers. I did take a break from the cables and am to the repeat section on clementine. The rest should be a breeze now! I'll be thrilled to have that done. I need to start my socks for the six sock knit along. The pattern is so pretty! I'm going to use a handpainted yarn that is yellow green. Really fun spring colors. Ummmm I've got a million other pairs of socks planned now, along with all my other projects. I am trying to get these out of the way though so I can finish up a few UFO's including my isabella top, my mint julep top, and my molly ringwald top. These are all summer tops that I should be wearing now! Grrrr, darn me and my procrastination.

Ooook off to do some late night work on my class stuff so I don't fail miserably. :D


Melissa said...

Yay for new roving! It's beautiful! Love the leggers! Too cute! I am working on the waling away sock now... Maybe a progress pic tonight... Also working on Clem. Love the repeats. ;) TTyl!

Valerie said...

Wow you are one busy little knitter aren't you ?! -=giggle=-

Teresa said...

oooo...I love the roving. I've been (still) wanting to knit the spiral socks.

I like your leg warmers though, they kinda remind me of rugby socks. Very sporty. :D

Opal said...

What gorgeous roving! You are becoming quite the naughty-enabler. ;-)

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