Saturday, June 02, 2007

Today I got two surprises in the mail. The first was a gift certificate to from my lovely secret pal. I actually almost threw the envelope out. I had just woken up and went to the counter and saw it sitting there, and thought it was junk mail. Anyway I usually open junk mail to be sure it's really junk, and decided to look real quick. Good thing I did! So I knew right away what I was going to do with it, and later on I got on amazon and ordered a book. Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael. I should get it by the end of next week! I'm thrilled to death because I wasn't planning on being able to get it for a while. Thank You secret pal!

I also got a box from Melissa, which I was expecting, but was still great! Here is a picture of what I got!Underneath all the goodies is a bag she sewed up for me. It's for my to-be-built swift that I have plans for. This will make storing it easy! The print is just soooo pretty too. I love the bright colors and I also love flowers and gingham. There is a little polka dot tin, which is awesome, I can put stitchy markers in it. A honeydew melon scented yankee candle. Loooove candles. The skein of yarn is a hank of Malabrigo Lace in Olive. This stuff is sooooo soft it's unbelievable. I forget until I touch it and then I'm in love again. I've had it in my lap all day petting it like a cat. And sitting there on the left is a little vial of beads to go with it! I love beading my lace and the beads look a lot like hematite to me. A nice shiny stone black color. Perfect! I love getting stuff in the mail. It was a good day for mail.

Hmm here is a quick progress pic on the Clementine shawlette. I've been working mostly on it, I figure I'll go back to chad's vest when I get the yarn exchanged. I don't have to hurry anymore. I keep trying to get a close up of this and it's always blurry...
And here are some pics I took outside today. More of our flowers are blooming and they are just gorgeous. This first one especially. It's a peach color, not as pink as it looks. The sun was setting so the pics are darker.

And more kid pics just because. They are in strollers and we push them around the yard. We have a lot of yard lol. Anyway they just love being outside. Alexis was especially excited. Nick was smiling, till I took the pic....
Alexis trying to eat her foot.
And Alexis doing a little dance. She curls up like that and shakes herself real fast side to side. It's so cute.


Melissa said...

Yay for fun mail, progress on clem and playing outside!!! :)

Teresa said...

ooooo....and let me tell you, your husband is going to LOVE the book! ;) Your little girl is just adorable.

I'm in love with that color! What are you going to make out of it? Something lacy I imagine. Maybe the book will have something perfect in it.

Valerie said...

Yeaaahhh Mail! -=giggle=- I am entirely and overly jealous of your book purchase. I am dying to get my hands on that book. =)

The shawl is coming along beautifully and your kids are just too adorable for any words!

Opal said...

Oh I am turning green over the gorgeous green lace Malabrigo. What a lovely package!

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