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Thursday, July 26, 2007

since I've posted. I've been busy busy busy. Mostly sleeping busy lol. I've just been exhausted lately and stressed, and migraines have returned full force daily, sometimes twice a day. As in I take something to get rid of it and a few hours later it's back. So I've been napping, usually an our or so a day. I don't mean to, but I go lay on the couch while the kids play and climb on me...and before I know it, I'm sleeping and chad is waking me up for dinner or bed!

I had my second interview today, at the spa. I think it went well, I didn't stumble over my words and we talked easily, it was fun! I like interviews most of the time. I do get nervous but mostly I like them. I should know next week, which isn't what I wanted but better than nothing. It's a five star hotel, and an upscale spa (they even get celebrities!). I knew though that I should have gotten my hair done before the interviews b/c they all dress so nice and are what I would say...well maintained. It's not that I'm not. Just that my hair is in desperate need of a cut (it's about a foot longer than I want it) and my highlights are pretty grown out. So we'll see. I don't really think that will be a deciding factor for them.

I pinned out my lace wings shawl to block tonight. It looks better now, and it's much bigger. I'm always alarmed at the size of finished lace objects. And then I block, and it's fine. I may re-block the top to a different shape, it's kinda funny as is. But also hard to decide how to fix it. I don't really care much so maybe I will leave it.I finally finished clue 2 for my mystery stole. It only took a few days of knitting. I'm moving on to 3. I should catch up soon enough. I'm not really worried, I know I will finish it eventually. It's coming out so pretty, I love the beads. Other knitting news...I finished my first whitewater glove. It went really fast once I frogged the first one and cast on again. The stitch pattern looks more complicated than it is. It's pretty intuitive, and easy to memorize...for me anyway. I really like it, and it's warm too! I am debating frogging the top of the glove and doing it in the ribbing like the cuff. I think it would look and fit better.
I've been working on a shawl design of my own, and it's soooo not working out. I've tried a million things and nothing looks right. I know it takes time, but I'm getting annoyed. I have a border pattern picked out that I love but I can't find a main stitch pattern that I like enough with it. Ah well, I'll figure something out eventually. I almost think I'm aiming too high, and I should do something simpler.

Today my MIL and I tried to put up this tent screen thing. It's like a big tent with see-through netting around it, so bugs can't get in. It's not huge, but a good size. We carried the box to the spot in the yard, and got all the pieces out and made sure they were all accounted for. That was it, and then I got stung. Apparently there is a wasp nest nearby and they were pretty annoyed at us. I haven't been stung in like ten years. It's not as bad as I remember it being. Anyway, here's a secret, for those who don't know. When you get stung, put some spray on deodorant on it. Like the aerosol bottles of it. It stops the stinging very quickly. Neutralizes the proteins or something. My MIL also got stung after I went in the house, so we decided to find the nest first before continuing and putting the tent together after it cools down and they are in their nest for the night or something. Anyway the tent is so we can put the kids pool in it, and the wasps can't get in. Last summer it was bad. I took nick out to play in his pool and there were at least 15-20 floating on the surface. They cool off that way. We couldn't even stay out ten minutes because they wouldn't leave us alone. SO hopefully we can get the tent up before summer is over.

Ok well I think that's enough for now, my migraine is really starting to get to me, so I'm gonna head to bed and hope it's gone tomorrow. I'd take more tylenol, but I took enough today and I hate taking meds to begin with...sigh.


Melissa said...

Oh Hattie! That shawl is BEAUTIFUL! Nice job! Hope you're feeling better!

Opal said...

Beautiful shawl. I really hope you start feeling better soon. Migraines are the worst. :(

Valerie said...

Aww honey! I hope you feel better! Migraines suck, I get them too and I know how terrible they can be. -=hugs for you=-

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you getting the job! Your knitting, as always, is beautiful dear! I love the shawl in particular. The gloves are very pretty too but I think I agree with you. The top would look better in ribbed stitch. =)

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