Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My hands are in soooo much pain. I haven't even been knitting all that much! That and God help me I am turning into a one project knitter!!! AHHHH

Seriously these socks are addicting. Here's a pic. I thought they were coming out huge, and almost frogged, but then figured I'd at least finish the heel and then check. They are just right! A teeny bit loose but comfy...it's fine. I can always knit more. I have the lace pattern memorized too, it's so easy. I also love my yarn. It's really soft and easy to knit with! And it's just knitpicks. I think my next pair of these I'll knit with my 1.5 needles for a more fitted sock. No wonder everyone makes these though. Completely understandable. I also like the pattern so much more in a more solid color.

No pictures of anything else knitting-wise. I did discover some of the pink lilies bloomed today. I love these! Lillies are seriously my fave. Tigerlily, lily of the valley...just lillies. Oh and gladiolus flowers but those can be hard to find! (Which reminds me of that lace style book that I need to get for the lily of the valley stole...)
The kids got ice cream after dinner today because they needed a bath, so we let them make a mess. They are so cute though. In this one, notice the little smirk on her face? So cute. I tried to get a pic of her when she was lifting the whole ice cream cup up to her face. It was funny.Here he's trying to get every last bit off his tray...lolWant some ice cream?


Teresa said...

Awww what a bunch of messy cute kids :D. My son is usually sticky 24/7. I honestly could use him as a lint roller!

The socks are coming along quite nicely. Sadly, I've been in a knitting funk lately. Maybe I just need to commit to one project. :D

Anonymous said...

VERY CUTE! Both of my thumbs hurt a LOT especially the left one--I am using the craft gloves, advil, MSM cream and a slew of other heating creams, icing, messaging my arms and not knitting as much--which is really hard to do.. I throw the yarn so I am trying to teach myself to knit the other way at the moment hoping that will HELP. I do recommend the craft glove which you can get at Joann's and they are having a sale at the moment...Take care-Edn

Opal said...

Those Monkeys go by quickly, don't they? I think that's why they're so addictive.

I hope your hands feel better soon!

Valerie said...

Your little ones are too adorable Hattie! I always love seeing the mess that ice cream and chocolate cake can make of kids. Those socks look soo nice. I can't wait to make a pair one day!

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