More finished socks!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I have another pair of socks done! I finished them up last night and I think they came out very well. These will be sent off to miss Christine. It's her hand dyed yarn so I thought it only right she should have them. I also have enough of the yarn left to make another pair of socks too.Now I'm torn as to what socks I should make next. I like the Monkey socks...and the Seduction socks...and the On Your Toes socks from this issue of IK. Either way there are a bunch I want to knit. Maybe I'll start with the monkey socks in some of my hand dyed. I did try the pattern out in some other yarn but it wasn't showing the pattern very well. And my hand dyed is mostly one color so that should work out well.

Other than the socks, I have really only been knitting the mystery stole and finishing up that tube thing. Oh and my spring things shawl that has been sitting around begging me to knit it. It's such an easy pattern but the kid silk haze is making it tough to knit very quickly.

Ok more later when I have something interesting to post...


Opal said...

beautiful socks. i just love the colours. so refreshing.

mohair is tough to work with. i have a shawl that's nearly finished, but i dread working with it with the summer temperatures we've been having here.

Valerie said...

The seduction socks should really be longer don't you think ? Like calf height ?

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