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Saturday, July 14, 2007

That's what I feel like the last few days. I haven't gotten much knitting done, and it bugs me. I did manage to finish my first monkey sock though!It's much looser than I wanted, not that it doesn't fit, but not fitted. I also somehow kitchenered a stitch wrong on the toe, and there is a hole. I'm going to fix it, I just have never had to undo kitchener before. Ah well. If I make another pair of these it will be on my size 1.5's. That is if I ever find the one needle that I lost. It disappeared. Gone. I was sitting here knitting my glove, and put it down, and the next morning, gone. So I'm frogging the glove and doing it on 2's. I was knitting really tight on the 1.5's anyway. It will be better this way. So maybe it's good that I lost it b/c otherwise I would have kept going...here's where I am at, pre-froggage, just starting the thumb gusset....So I'm also part of two hand-dyed yarn swaps. The first one is hosted by Celena and the blog for it is here. We are going to dye and swap sock yarn! It's going to be fun, so if you want in go sign up!

Also I volunteered to host an unofficial swap for GetStitchy! It's also swapping hand-dyed yarn but whatever weight you want. Join us!!!

I'm part of the Lingerie Style along as well, and have had the toughest time deciding what to make, mostly because I want to knit from my stash. So I have 7 balls of this pretty leaf green cashsoft dk and I swatched it, and got gauge for the laced front sweater in the book. I love it and think it will be pretty in green. I love green, but never really knit with it or wear it...odd huh.

I finally started clue 2 of MS3 yesterday. I'm about a third of the way through. I don't care though, I'll catch up. I just didn't have the time to concentrate on the pattern. No pic till clue 2 is done!

We had a huge storm predicted for today, and at our house we caught the edge of it. We only got a sprinkle and a bit of lightening and thunder. Well and the wind knocked the top of a tree down. Nothing major. There were tons of fires due to lightening strikes though... we had the sprinkler system on around the house just in case. It's so dry out here, it's scary to think a fire could wipe out your house! It happens all the time. Anyway for not being much of a storm our power went out for close to two hours. The kids were concerned, until we gave them glow sticks to run around with. And during dinner I set up our portable dvd player for them. Thank god for rechargeable batteries! So we all watched the lion king at the kitchen table and ate dinner. It was fun. :)


Emily Brutalite said...

I'm hungry. Feed me!

Melissa said...

You are such a good momma! That sounds like a fun way to spend a storm!

Opal said...

i'm so sorry you lost your needle. that's one of the reasons i switched to 2 circs. they stay attached to your knitting at all times.

it's been really dry here too. and there have been brush fires every week on one of the major islands. so far only a few homes have been lost, but it still scares me to think about what might happen. i hope you and your family stay safe!

knitphomaniac said...

stellar job on the monkey socks :)

Alpaca Christine said...

It's been like fourteen hours. I miss you... Come back.

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