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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ever heard of these? It's supposed to be a personality thing. You pick six words to describe yourself and then get others to pick six words that they would use to describe you. The point is to see what others think of your and sort of get a picture of your personality. Anyway it's pretty cool. Here's the link to mine, if you want to do it for me. Afterwards it lets you set up your own, and it's really fast too.

Sooo here's progress on my knitterly things. Almost to the toe on my monkey sock. I would probably be done but I slowed down since my hand hurt but it magically went away now. I also started these pretty gloves. I'm doing them on 1.5's but almost wondering if the hand will be too small. We'll see. I thought the pattern was harder than it is too. So if I have to rip, it won't be tragic. I'm also much further than this lol, but I don't feel like taking another picture yet.
I over-dyed some sock yarn from back when I was doing the kool aid thing. It was originally pink, light blue, and yellow. Pretty but not something I could knit with for socks. Here it is over-dyed with cherry. Red, some blue still, and dark purple red. I like it. The color in the top pic is more accurate than the bottom one. This yarn is super soft too. (See my glove in the back there? Also notice all the yarn surrounding my computer...)Makes me want to dye more, I'm still working on that. If I could just get a small loan for this business thing I swear...I'm itching to start already. I just don't understand all the legal and tax stuff, so that sucks. I am still trying to get help from the small business administration. They do counseling and stuff so that would be nice.

Ok off to bed for now, it's late and the baby has been getting up earlier than I like...


Celena said...

that yarn looks great!

Opal said...

beautiful yarn!

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