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Monday, December 17, 2007

Time seems to pass by me so fast these days. The kids are growing like weeds, and it doesn't seem fair! I love the new things they do every day but at the same time I miss the little helpless babies they were when I brought them home. Today I turned 23 and thought of my own mother, and how we haven't talked in months... so long I can't even remember. I feel much older than I am and wish that my life was more settled. All the same, things considered, I'm happy for the most part with the big picture and I think that's what matters. The other things, well they will work out eventually.

It helps that today was a good mail day. I got both yarn and roving, and a pattern for some gorgeous socks! First off this is the pattern, my apologies that it's a Ravelry link, since the pic is no longer available on the site it was originally from. I got it from another Raveler who finished knitting the socks and gave it to me! I'm thrilled because I love it and I can't wait to knit them!

I also got the order from the Loopy Ewe today, of some skeins of Cherry Tree Hill that were dyed in custom colorways just for them. Two of them are going to be for the Charlotte's Web shawl that Melissa and I are going to knit together. She has two skeins she is sending half of to me, and I will send her half of these two. The first one is Tide Pool:And the second one is Enchanted:
Don't they match well? The other three colorways I got just because...yeah bad me.
Blueberry Buckle (better in real life I swear!)
Lake Michigan (very similar to another colorway I have...)
Next up is some yarn I got from a raveler destashing, and for a decent price and I'm glad because they are GORGEOUS. Zen Yarn Garden in the color Banana Raspberry, it's merino, bamboo, and nylon.And Mama Llama merino tencel in Plumeria. I think I might use this to knit that sock pattern I mentioned.

On to the roving...

The Funky Carolina I bought awhile ago. I think that miss Carrie is a busy girl so she doesn't always ship right away, but honestly it's worth the wait, and it's not like I'm gonna spin it right this second...oh and I got some Soak from her in Celebration as well.

Merino silk in Funky Peach...SOO pretty...And more bfl in Warned:
To make this quick and finish up this post already...two more from Spunky Eclectic. More bfl in Thunderstorm:
And more merino silk in Tahiti. I have been eyeing this one for months...I just love the colors!
Well I'm sure there is more but for now I have to get the kids, and myself to bed. Since I have to get up at 3:30 for work...sigh...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! You make me want to learn how to spin with all your gorgeous roving.

Opal said...

You have to get up at 3:30am for work? Oh girl, that is harsh. :(

I love that sock pattern! Can't wait to see you knit that one up.

You always have such gorgeous swag up on your blog. It's always such a temptation. I especially love the Lake Michigan colorway. Such gorgeous saturated colors. Mmm.

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