Flu Shots...ick

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today the kids had their appt for getting flu shots. They should have gotten them earlier this season, but they finally have them, so I'm relieved. Especially after how sick I got a few weeks ago. No one else in my house got it, it was really weird. Anyway, that's a good thing, but makes me wonder...

Afterwards we stopped at a store and I ran in while they stayed in the car with my MIL, who came along to help, because it's hard to wrangle two kids at the dr you know. So apparently while I ran in, Nick told her he wanted french fries to fix his owie. Lol. Kids...

So we got them french fries. I don't think it helped with the owies, poor thing has been complaining about it all day. Alexis on the other hand seems fine.

Anyways, I had another sale at the shop this morning, so I went to the post office to mail it, and had a few things there waiting. Here is some roving I was bad and ordered last week when the Yarn Wench updated.

Some falkland in the color Fruit Cocktail 2.And more bfl, I just can't get enough! This one is called Cherrybomb 1. I could not get a true color pic for this one, it's way less bright in person, lots of orange and deep cherry red, with a little pink and peach. They are both gorgeous and I think I might spin the Fruit Cocktail next after I finish what's on the wheel.

I also got the last box from my secret pal. She has been super busy with a brand new baby in the house. I miss having a little baby around... Anywho, I forgot to take a picture, but she sent some Toffee Crunch Hershey's Kisses and some Stephen's gourmet hot chocolate in chocolate mint truffle flavor. I can't wait to make some and try it out. Doesn't that sound like the best flavor for hot chocolate? There were a few postcards and a note on pink paper that Nicholas took off with because he thought they were "soooo beauuuutiful!!!". Haha, goofy kid.

I was hoping to have more progress to show you on the swallowtail with the beads, but for the last day or two my bead crochet hook that's super tiny, well it's missing. I'm sure the mess on my desk isn't helping things...

Instead I've been working on my sock I'm designing and am onto the foot and it's gorgeous! I'm so happy with it, and I can't wait to finish. I've also been working on the shawl for the knitters project. So I'm covered until I find the hook, but I'm annoyed that it just disappeared.

Ok well that's about it I think. I have a few other things on the way...as always. I seriously have like no self control, and this roving collection is getting tough to hide...so now I must go clean up in hopes of finding the hook, and hiding the roving lol.


Opal said...

I just adore Yarn Wench. She always has such gorgeous stuff. I have to restrain myself from even visiting her site!

Melissa said...

If you need a place to "store" the roving where it won't be found, I heard Massachusetts is great for that. LMAO.

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