Thank god...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

...that the xmas season is going to be over! I'm so not a fan. Ok ok stop protesting, I'll tell you why. People are ruder than ever, the stores are packed, and I hate listening to non-stop xmas songs on the radio and in stores. Also it seems like thanksgiving and xmas are the only times that people think of giving and helping others (like the homeless or needy). It doesn't make sense why it's the only time some think to give. Aren't those people hungry and in need the rest of the year? I know there are groups and such that do that all year, but still...

So I've been pretty busy lately with work and all. When I am not working I try to catch up on sleep. Speaking of I should be in bed because I have to get up at 3am I'm going to try and make this fast.

This is a shot of the gloves I made for my MIL. Chad couldn't think of what to get her so I offered last minute to knit these. They turned out GREAT and now I want a pair of my own.
This is my Electric Sheep fiber club shipment I got a few days ago. It's merino in hot pink and green and black. SO COOL.
The Jaywalker scarf I have started and am not sure about yet. I like the colors but I keep changing the pattern and I can't decide how to do it.
And here are a few pics of the kids I thought were funny. Nick giving a thumbs up:
Alexis with fingers up BOTH nostrils. There is a reason for this... and I'll admit it's my fault. I was showing them how to be "piggys" by pushing up the tip of their noses and oinking...and yea this is how they both interpreted that lol.
Nick having a blast in chads rubber boots for work...I think he was dancing...
I've been very addicted to my Wii now that I've had some time to try it out and get the hang of it. Even Chad likes it. I need to find a good two player game besides the sports ones. I'm thinking maybe Mario and Sonic Olympic Games...we'll see.

Ok now it's time for me to run to bed like a good girl. ;)


Valerie said...

I have been screaming the same thing about Christmas for years. Especially in regards to helping others in their time of need. People couldn't care less about other people (most of the time) any other month of the year. I try to be the opposite, but that's just me.

Those look like a very cozy pair of gloves! I bet she loved them!!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday hun! Full of relaxation and Wii entertainment!

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