Thursday, December 06, 2007

I don't have much new worth posting about. I did get some beads today. Pretty ones too. I finally decided to do beads on the swallowtail (after first deciding on the nupps) after I saw the harlot's post where she used beads on hers. I won't do that many, but I do like how it looks. I actually got two different colors of the beads the other day, but neither of them looked right. I had picked them out without my shawl to compare it, as I forgot it at I exchanged them (they don't do returns, and besides I already lost the receipt!). I got the perfect color for my shawl, as well as for Melissa's Swallowtail shawl that she is also knitting. We are doing it together. Anyway since I dyed the yarn she's knitting it with, I had a good idea of what would match. At least I hope it will. Here are our beads:

Mine, which are a champagne color, in a pink tone though. My shawl has a good bit more pink in it than I realized! These are also not round, they are hex beads. Like they have facets and it makes them sparkle nicely. And Melissa's, which are a lavender color with a bluish sort of tint when they move. Really really cool. I am way excited about these lol, and they aren't even for that's mostly it. Still no pics of Gretel. I keep forgetting to block it. I'm test knitting a hat right now, working on my brother's hat again, the shawl now that I have the beads, and I'm also knitting my secret project that I cannot show you. I can say that it's for Melissa's sock club, so that's a dead give away. Yep, I'm designing a sock, and I must say that I'm MORE than pleased with the way it's knitting up. The pattern will be exclusive to the club until the end, and then I will release it for sale, probably in my etsy shop. Anyway I'll post about it when I can show it to you, which won't be until next year since the club runs March through May.

I will say though, that I will need pattern testers. You won't have to knit it until January, after the holiday season. I have one potential person in mind (Mizz Opal, if you decide to). I'd need at least two more. You would not be able to post about it, upload pictures of it ANYWHERE, even your private flickr, etc. It's completely and utterly top secret. The only compensation I can offer is a free copy of the revised and complete pattern, as well as a mention in the pattern as a test knitter, and the joy of knitting it. I will need one person to do it in a solid colored yarn also, just as an example. Lastly, it needs to be knit within the month of January. Preferably as soon as possible after I give you the pattern. At least one sock. If you're interested, let me know, it won't be long now before January will be here!

Have you seen the new Knitty yet? I must knit Ice Queen. I am disturbed that it is in mohair because of my allergy...and the only other sorta fuzzy yarn is either synthetic or angora....I know I could do it in a non fuzzy yarn, but I love that halo it gets. Anyway, I'd love to do it in Artyarns Cashmere 1. It's a 1 ply (single) of pure cashmere and GORGEOUS. I've touched the cashmere 5 (difference in it, is there are five plys I think) and it's the softest thing I've ever touched. SERIOUSLY. I could get two out of one skein probably. But that one skein is 44 bucks!!! I'm still thinking about baby pink. Ooooooh boy...anyone want to go halvsies???

Ok well, hopefully next post I can show off my hat, I will probably block it tomorrow. I'd like to be able to wear it! As well as beaded progress on the shawl, and a bit about spinning that I'm doing and am too lazy to take pics of right now....


Melissa said...

WOOT! The beads are awesome! Those will go great with both our shawls! Your sock pattern is beautiful! You'll get tons of knitters. :)

Anni said...

Can't wait to see your sock design. And I agree with Ice Queen. Gorgeous.

Valerie said...

I didn't even realize the new knitty was up. Thanks for posting about it! Ice Queen really is the prettiest pattern! It's unfortunate that none of those sweaters will look right on my. They are both really pretty but the design makes me look pregnant. -=giggle=-

Opal said...

Lovely beads! Email me about the test knitting!

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