Shop Update

Monday, December 03, 2007

So today I got all my dyed rovings photographed and updated in the etsy shop. I'm excited. It feels good to update finally. Here are pictures of the five new ones, so if you want something, go get it!

Tigerlily bfl:Keylimeaid bfl:
Blue Lagoon bfl:
Kitten Kisses bfl:
Aphrodite merino:
I finished the Gretel hat. It looks terrible on me though. I think it's just because it needs a good wash and block. We'll see. I haven't gotten around to getting a pic yet either, so it will have to wait until I do (wash and block that is).

Other than that, things are pretty boring. I'll have more to talk about later.


Opal said...

Beautiful rovings as usual. Too bad I'm on a roving moratorium.

Good luck with the Gretel hat!

Jaimi said...

Dammit, it looks like someone already bought the Tigerlily.

Wait, I don't need more roving. Really I don't. I barely know how to drop-spindle.

Anni said...

I didn't know you had an Etsy shop. Have just hada peak. Gorgeous. Love the pink/white/red one in the blog post. Very tempting.

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