Secret Socks

Friday, August 01, 2008

Well, since these socks are now available to the world, I assume I can blog them now. Remember the super secret project I did a while back? Some of you might. If you go to Twist Collective, they are the Lissajous socks by Cookie A. The grey ones are the ones I knit, and man was it tough! The socks are not complicated really, I found it easy to follow the charts, and the cabling down the leg was not bad to memorize. Still, I had a 2 week deadline to knit them, and I knit pretty much non stop those two weeks! Here are some of my pictures from when I was knitting them. I wish I had a pic of both socks together, but the second I finished it (I was at a coffee shop in the mall...) I shoved it into an envelope and mailed the pair off to be photographed!

They are gorgeous socks, go buy the pattern and knit them! It's totally worth the work, I swear! Now I need to knit me some...I adore the shaping and detail she put into these.

Other than that, I'm hoping to finish the swallowtail tonight. I don't have much left, but those last few rows can take forever!

Oh and I've put up a skein of handspun yarn in my shop. I don't have plans for it and I still have handspun waiting to be knit, might as well let someone else enjoy it!

Lastly, my dad put an offer in on the house we have had our eye on. I'm hoping it will be accepted, but it's going to mean some sacrifices for us, since we'll have to pay rent, and we don't right now. It's going to save us big time on gas though, and in general be more convenient. Plus, it will be MINE for the next 9 years. MY yard, MY kitchen, MINE. I'm off to contemplate the budget while working on the swallowtail.


Opal said...

Gorgeous socks! I want to knit them now. So many socks, so little time.

You need to linky to your shop within your post. :-P

Lisa Y said...

I'm not a knitter and I don't think I'll ever make one (because I'm too lazy to learn! lol) but it does really looks gorgeous. The pattern is just so beautiful :-)

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