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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I can't believe my last post was almost a week ago. I could have sworn that I posted since then. Ah well. I've been busy knitting!

I started my spring things shawl, and in fact started another. I did the first one in the teal I ordered and was planning on another in garnet. But I also promised my mother a shawl. So I started one in the color emerald which I got in a trade. So now I've got two on the needles. My teal one is almost to the next chart but I'm waiting on a crochet hook for my beads, so I am not doing that one now. I figure I'll do the green one for my mom in the meantime. This pattern is so easy so far, i can't wait to finish one! Here are the latest pictures of both shawls. I've gotten further on both but they are recent enough.

Here are a few flower shots that I took of all the pretty flowers in our yard, they are finally blooming!

These last ones are my favorites. I loooove the peachy pink color in the center. Ok well more later when I have more pictures to post!


emily brutalitë said...

Get online turd bucket!

Valerie said...

The shawls look beautiful! -=applauds=- We missss you Hattie!

Melissa said...

Looks great! :) Yeah... where have you been in the last 24?

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