Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ok so for the next week I am pretty much doomed, required, and committed to knitting The Vest. Chad's vest, the one I promised to make for him to wear to the golfing tourney they are having for his job. They do it every year, there are prizes and stuff. So anyway it took a little while to get the yarn in but I got it on...Thursday. It took him a bit to decide what he actually wanted design-wise on the front, but he finally picked regular argyle. So I had to chart out the design and this was the second one actually since first he wanted something like the drunken argyle on knitty.
So charted, and a few false starts later I was finally casting on the vest. It's plain old boring stockinette, but it's going relatively quickly on size five needles. Here are some pics, this is the back of it. I figured I would save the intarsia for last. One, because I figured it's more interesting and I'd be more inclined to finish it, and two, because I'm scared of it. Especially in this yarn. I hate it. It's annoying to work with, really splitty. I'm up to ten inches, I need to get to 15 before I start doing armhole decreases, etc. Here is the hem of it, I purled it up so it looks sorta seamed but it looks really neat. And there is a shot of the back. It looks very clean, and beats sewing it up later!I also started my Clementine Shawlette yesterday. I brought it in the car on the way to do some errands. I got a good amount done. I like it a lot in the cream color too.Here is the start of my third Spring Things Shawl, the one I mentioned a few posts ago. It's black kidsilk haze and I haven't gotten very far as you can see. I'm not bored of it, but there are so many other things I have to finish too. This is the very crude, retarded looking spindle that I made. I didn't have all the supplies so I had to improvise...a lot. There is the dowel, and the cd's...and I didn't have the rubber thingy so I used rubber bands to secure those in place. I also didn't have the hook, so I sat and carved a retarded hook into it. It's really really basic. It works though, as long as I keep the yarn thin. When I first tried it, the yarn was wayyyy too thick and it kept popping off. I really need to get something else lol. I was really just desperate to try spinning and couldn't wait. So here's the pics. One of the yarn I spun today, and a close up of the hook and rubber band combo lol.

This is the roving I was spinning up. Some grey wool with pretty blue sparkly in it.
I also have this wool which I'm saving till I get better equiptment.
And this, this is my baby. It's really a darker blue than this. It's wool and tencel and soft and gorgeous. I looooove it. I'm saving it for when I'm much better at spinning and I'm hoping that I'll be able to spin it up for a shawl.
I was looking on craigs list today and found someone in my town who has a spinning wheel for 275 dollars. Anyway I contacted them and asked if they might take payments for it. The husband responded back saying his wife was out of town and to call her Tuesday, but that we might be able to work something out! I would be more than thrilled to get a wheel. I wasn't even thinking I'd ever get one. Anyway, here's hoping. I wonder where I'd even put it lol. Not much room for one. So we'll see about that.

That's about it I suppose, not much else going on.


Jenn said...

I'm afraid to try spinning... It would cut into my knitting time too much! Can't wait to see the blue roving spun. It's gorgeous!

Valerie said...

Good Luck! I hope she gives it to you! That would be awesome. Craigslist really is a godsend most of the time though, you never know what you'll find there.

Talk to you soon dear!

Melissa said...

So... I'm at work. I sent out a box to you this morning... It should be there by Friday. So keep an eye on your P.O. Box. :)

Opal said...

The merino and tencel is gorgeous! Good luck on getting the wheel!

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