Monday, May 14, 2007

Well I finished my mom's shawl! It's even prettier than I thought it would be. I was scared pre-blocking, but it stretched just fine and is definitely big enough. I mean for her it could be a tad bit bigger, but she'll like it anyway. I showed her a picture of it and she didn't believe at first that I knit it and it was really for her! Honestly it's like anything else, if you know the stitches, you can knit it. I'm really pretty proud of myself though. No matter how easy I make it look! ;)

Here it is all stretched out after blocking overnight. Ignore my toes, they snuck in.This is my favorite part, the pretty bottom point.
A picture of the beads, they are a yellow-green color, and look really nice on the shawl. I love that they stand out.
And just a cool pic of the sun coming through it.
Pretty much that's all I've been doing, that and mine. I have a sleeve to finish on my cropped cardigan for the FK along. I am also slacking in regards to my Isabella. And I need to finish the scarf for my secret pal, her second package is just about ready to go! I am ready to move on to some new things and need to finish up my old projects to feel like it's ok lol. Otherwise I will have too many WIPs, even for me!

And due to all the questions...this is the Spring Things Shawl, it's available from the designer's site for purchasing!


zeph said...

The shawl is gorgeous - what pattern did you use?

artinreality said...

That's just beautiful. Love the beaded details and the colour! What a lucky mom you have!

Teresa said...

Oh wow, that is just beautiful! Is that the Icarus shawl?

Hattie said...

It's the spring things shawl! I posted a link to the site you can buy it from!

Thanks it's fun to knit and really satisfying when you finish it.

Valerie said...

That's beautiful!!!

Susan said...

Love the beads! Great job.


Susan said...

Tag - You're it.

SD & her blog

She'saCraftyOne said...

I'm not usually one for shawls but that is just gorgeous!

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