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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The back of THE VEST is done. Finito. THANK GOD.

Endless stockinette could literally kill me. Here it is, all 26 inches long and 22 inches wide of it. It looks longer than that because of the angle that I took the pic. And Chad wanted it longer! Ugh.

I am now going to double check the argyle charts I made, I think I'm going to make the diamonds a tad bigger now that I know what exactly I'm dealing with since the front is nearly identical to the back until the neck.

I've been scoping out new projects to make after I finish this. I'm dying to work on anything else but this vest. I literally only stopped knitting today to eat, use the bathroom, and of course play with the kids. Speaking of the kids, here are some pics we just took.

Here is Nick and his new dinosaur. In this one he's telling the dinosaur to smile. Literally lol. Right before I took the pic he goes, "smi diuhsaur!"And here's Alexis reading a book with daddy. Something about bunnies I believe. Nick would never sit and read with you when he was that age. I can hardly believe she's already a year old!
Well that's all the news. Hopefully next time I post it will be about a completed vest!


Opal said...

Congratulations on finishing the back of the vest! What a feat!

Teresa said...

Yay! One half done! You have adorable children..I love Nick's eyes, he's just cute! :D

Emily Brutalite said...

Aww, your babies are adorable. I need to sew them something :).

Melissa said...

So cute!!! Yay for the vest!

Valerie said...

That is the vest that doesn't end! Your kids are too cute!

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