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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today I got two packages in the mail. The first was my order from The Loopy Ewe. I was sooo excited. This order was the one with the red loopy sock in it! All my yarn is gorgeous. This is the Melon colored Sea Silk, it's so soft and beautiful. I can't wait to find the perfect pattern for it.Next up is Cherry Tree Hill in Java, lighter than the pics show. I love this.
Two skeins of Louet Gems Fingering in Willow, for my twisted flower socks. The picture is a little's really a nice bright green.
I also received a wonderful package from JanKnit. Inside was a book, Vogue Knitting Pillows (forgot to take a pic!) and two skeins of recycled and dyed cashmere yarn in Aqua. It's beyond beautiful and soft. Thanks again!Lastly I had some time to kill today before my hair appt. So I stopped at A Grand Yarn because I needed more smaller sized dpns. I ended up getting two sets, one size 1 and one set of 1.5's since I still can't find the fifth needle to my other set. I have size twos, but so far all the socks I've knit on those are too big for me. Soooo I got some smaller ones.

I also couldn't pass up this yarn, which is really cool. I originally grabbed some smooshy yarn, but this caught my eye. It's really nice yarn! So finally I got some more yarn, it's been at least a month, that's a long time without! Yum I can't wait to knit it all up.

I also plan on getting some roving next week. I have a couple colors from an etsy seller that I love, she is going to mix them up for me. Which leads to my next purchase. My school is refunding me part of my loan so I can get satellite, but it's more than I'll need. Sooooo I thought I'd check and see if that used spinning wheel was still available on craigslist...and it was! She lives right near me, which is something since I'm way out in cow country. I'm going to get it next week hopefully! It's an ashford traditional and has been updated, the pics of it are gorgeous. I'm soooo unbelievably excited! Finally a wheel of my very own! So lets hope it works as beautifully as it looks. I'm beyond excited. :)

OK, that's it for now! I'll talk about my haircut later. ;)


Opal said...

Gorgeous yarns. I'm sure they'll provide you with many enjoyable hours of knitting. Congratulations on finding a spinning wheel! It sounds quite serendipitous!

Valerie said...

That yarn looks yummy!

Robin said...

Oh, I *love* that first yarn pictured! Yum!

Shannon said...

That sea maiden yarn looks gorgeous...and congrats on finding a spinning wheel, I'm jealous!

Alpaca Christine said...

Yaay looks super fun!

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