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Friday, August 31, 2007

Well those socks that I started over on 3's didn't fit either. I am trying one more time on 2's with a stretchier yarn and knitting looser. We'll see. I think I'm just not meant to knit these socks. OR I could go down to 1.5's and add stitches...

Anyway I cast on for my other Monkey sock. I need to finish the pair. I don't know why I waited so long, I love this pattern. I guess there are just too many other fun things to knit.

I also started my twisted flower socks. They are in louet gems, color willow. I wasn't sure about that at first, the pattern wasn't showing up much, but then I got further and it was fine. I am now almost done with the cuff, it went faster than I thought it would. I already tried this on too take this pic, so I know these are going to fit really well. I ordered MORE yarn from the most recent loopy sneak up. I didn't mean too...I got on there and saw there were wooden sock blockers and had to get those. There was also more Dream in Color, and Seacoast, and the newish Shi Bui. So I ordered those. Sky Blue in the DIC, Raspberries in the Seacoast, and Orchid in the Shi Bui. I had a 25 dollar credit so it didn't cost too much, but I really shouldn't have. See what yarn diets do to me??? I crash so badly.

This past week my dad has been visiting. He came over for my cousin Brandy's wedding and has been here since. Which reminds me I never told about the wedding! Ok well the wedding was average but I guess some crazy stuff happened later. The wedding party was staying at the place next door and they had moved all the stuff over there. They were being loud so someone called the cops and the cops showed up to kick them out of the hotel. They agreed to leave but as you can imagine my cousin wasn't very happy. At some point in this, her mom, my aunt, was stepping on her dress. So Brandy pushed her off and said something like, " Mom, you're on my dress." Well get this. The cops arrested her for domestic violence! Insane. They were just pissy I guess because she was mouthing off to them. Anyway the whole thing is stupid. She managed to still make her honeymoon but will have to deal with all that when she gets back.

So that's the story. It's been nice to visit with my dad though, I don't see him much. On Thursday I took the kids to see him for most of the day. We have this thing in Spokane they do every year called Pig Out in the Park. So that's what I did anyway (mmmm crepes!). We had a fun time walking around and stuff. There's a carousel there and my dad took nick on it. He loved it! We also fed the ducks/seagulls/geese but no pics of that. Oh yea and here's a sign that was posted at the place my dad was staying at. Thought that was entertaining.This is one of our does, chillin out behind our house waiting to be fed. That's what those wooden troughs are for. We feed them just about every day. Some of them are quite tame. Isn't she pretty?
Well I guess that's the updates for now. I'm still just knitting and spinning along!


Opal said...

Wow. There's a lot to say. First off, I love your Twisted Flower Sock. I am dying to cast on for my own. Must. Resist.

Next, where's the stash photos? I want to see some Shi Bui! Are you going to add them to your Ravelry stash?

Thirdly, your cousin's wedding sounds wild. I cannot believe she got arrested for such a mild incident. The poor thing!

Finally, that sign is hilarious! I want it on a t-shirt!

Valerie said...

That sock looks beautiful! Sorry you have had such a hassle with the other one.

Wow. That sounds like something that would happen at my wedding ( if I decide to have one). At least she can tell that story to generations. Her wedding will truly be one of a kind. -=giggle=-

Glad that your got to hang out with your dad! I loooove that sign. I think that should be posted everywhere. -=giggle=-

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