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Friday, August 15, 2008

Yes, lame title I know.

So I found this Hello Kitty mousepad at work. We've had them since last christmas, and there were still a few there. I bought one for a friend, and one for me! I needed a new mousepad. Ain't it cute?
This is the other thing I found. A case for my DS. I like it wayyy better than my old one. It's adorable!
In other news, I finished a pair of socks! My sister's Carolina socks. After her visit where she tried them on (and I was sure they fit right) I got to it knitting the second one. She left a few things here when she left so I hurried to knit the sock in order to send them to her with the other things. Right now they are on the way!
I've been knitting like a maniac on the stole. I finished the first half of it! Here we have a picture of it when I was still knitting the arrowhead pattern. I messed with it so you can see the beads. So the color is off but you can see them!
Here we have it when I was knitting on the border. That took me a day and a half on it's own. I had no idea how much work that takes! It's so pretty though.
So I finished that half, and today I picked up for the second after pulling out the provisional cast on. It looks great in the center pattern, but it doesn't quite match on the side. It's no real biggie, but I'm thinking it will bug me, so I'm gonna pull out the small bit I've done to fix it. See, fixing it will change the border rows that go with the center patterning. So instead of following it row by row, I'll have to remember where I'm at on the edging since it won't match what the pattern will say. Easy enough, the edge pattern is really easy.
I also started the Tudor Grace scarf, also from knitspot. I have started knitting it in two different yarns so far! Neither one looks the way I'd like them too, so I am still trying to decide what I will use. I LOVE the pattern though! It's really easy to memorize, and fun to do.

Lastly, I got some yarn in the mail! I traded some stash for these two. The first is some of the 100% superwash Wollmeise in Miss May, one of my FAVORITE colorways.
This one is really different. It's meant to be colored after the picture of that moth on the label I think. It's so cool though, and super soft!
Well, that's about it, it's late, and I'm really tired. I ran a few errands today in the heat and it wiped me out. I got new shoes though, so it was worth it! I'll take pics of them for next time. Later all!


Opal said...

OMG. I cannot wait to get that mousepad. KYOOT!

I love that scarf. The yarn! The pattern! Perfection. :)

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