Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thought I would show off the Melanzana stole I'm test knitting. I have to say that as much as I thought it was pretty before, knitting it has made me fall for it even more. It starts with a provisional cast on, and you knit the flowered section. Then the little lacewing section which I love. I'm into the third part now.
Here's a close up shot of the lacewing motif. I think it's perfect.
I'm beading the last section, just because I can't help myself. It's pretty so far, and I might finish it today, and then there's an edging on it. That's the first half! So we'll see how far I get today.

It's been nice weather out lately, just the right temperature. Here's a pic I took the other day of the sun setting.
We had taken the kids out to play, they love the dirt.
Their job was to fill up the black container. They didn't get far before they got bored lol.
They had fun though. Trying to take advantage of the nicer days we have before winter hits and we get cooped up in the house!

Today Chad is home from work. He has a guy he works with over to help him drop the engine back into the Mitsubishi. Hopefully all goes well. He's been driving his parent's truck that sucks up gas like you wouldn't believe!

Now I'm off to knit on the shawl, it's going so fast! Pictures of it maybe tomorrow with the beads. :)


Rachel said...

That looks really pretty. I love the lace wings!

Opal said...

That stole is just too gorgeous :)

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