Wednesday, August 06, 2008

That's right, I said it. TWO. Not only did I finish the swallowtail and block it, I blocked the Jaywalker Scarf too!

Here is the swallowtail all laid out on the couch. You can see how big it is, it's covering 2 cushions! I love how there is no major pooling.
A shot of the points, beaded and oh so pretty!
More beads. It helps if the picture is bigger, so maybe click on it. I can see them pretty good in the big version of it. See what I mean though? They match so well!
Here is the scarf, and of course, as soon as I started taking pictures, the munchkin got in the way.
Here again, she wouldn't budge! Ah well.
I adore this scarf. I also have enough to do another scarf. So maybe I'll make up my own chevron scarf? It's an easy enough pattern.

Right now though, I'm still knitting the knitspot lace stole. I'll have a pic of that next time. It's barely any further, although you can see the pattern, and it's SO pretty. I just have to pin it down so it can be appreciated.

Till next time!


Meliabella said...

LOVE!!!! Thanks so much lady! :)

Shell said...

Very pretty!

Opal said...

Gorgeous shawl and that scarf is so cool! Can't wait to see the stole you're test knitting!

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