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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sometimes, I swear, I just don't think!

So yesterday I plyed my Pink Lady singles, which I had finished the day before. I was so excited to be done, and have my first 3 ply sock yarn.Yeah, so two hours later I finished the three ply. There was a bit left on two of the bobbins, so I figured I would just ply those together, and have a little skein of 2ply. Well when I finished the two ply I noticed that they were not "sticking together" the way they should. Yes, I managed to once again ply ONE of my three singles in the opposite direction.

I think my 3 ply will be ok. It's tightly plyed,a nd you can't tell too easily. Plus I'm just gonna knit it into socks. So, I'll set the twist and go from there. I'm determined to use it either way.Isn't it pretty though? I love it.

Today I got a few things in the mail when I went up to the post office. One was a package from Opal. I won a contest on her blog and she sent these cute stitch markers! I adore the little fairie.
Then there was the final club shipment for my funky carolina fiber club. It's 4 ounces of bamboo, it's really interesting feeling! I have been wanting to spin pure bamboo, now I'll get to!
I also got two sets of size 0 needles I swapped some roving for. I don't particularly enjoy knitting on 0's, but they are so tiny, I figured I should have some in case my others break.

Well, I'm still doing all the same stuff otherwise. I'm about to FINALLY start my black merino tencel for the dragon shawl. It's going to be a long time spinning, with almost 10 ounces. I plan on taking my time, and probably spinning smaller bits of other stuff in between. Here goes!


Opal said...

I love that Funky Carolina roving. So pretty! And your yarn is beautiful.

I'm so glad you like the stitch markers. :)

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