Strawberry Wine

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well, wine with strawberries in it anyway. Beringer White Zinfandel is my new favorite wine. Of course the premier one is better, but I can only find the regular it seems. Add some cut up strawberries, and heaven. This is how I would like to spend all evenings.
You can see in the picture I've started my second twisted flower sock (finally, I knit the first one last august!). I want it to enter in the fair, I've got until September 2nd to get things together. That's the day you bring things in.

I also planned on finishing my fair isle Selbuvotter mittens, but my tension has changed, so I have to start it over. Instead I figured I'd make things easy on myself and instead, get a headstart on winter knitting. Alexis picked the pattern, and two colors, and this is the first mitten done.
It's NHM #5, in black and pink, just like mine. It came out well! Now just to knit one more, but this one took less than 2 days. So I'm not worried.
I also finished the first Rivendell sock. It looks long and funny, but it's the ribbing on the top making it look that way. I had to have the needles from this one to knit the twisted flower, then when that's done, back to the second Rivendell.
Other than that I've just been knitting and spinning. Oh yeah, and my yarn I spun last time, apparently I didn't spin the singles opposite on my yarn, I just underspun one ply, so it didn't look right at first. It's much better now that I set it.

I got a few goodies in the mail yesterday. Look at this!
Isn't it pretty? This was how my fiber from ExclusivelyLindaLee came. I unwrapped it all and it was even better than it was on my computer screen.

Here we have a pretty bit of tencel. This is the chocolates colorway. She also sent a little sample of this color in either bamboo or tencel. It looks identical to the tencel so I think that's what it is.
These are the same color as well, though you can see how differently they took the dyes. Soooo soft! It's tussah silk.
Then I have 2 batts of cashmere silk that are insane. I want a whole pile of it to roll in.
I also got a few things from The Loopy Ewe. A skein of the new Intentions Yarn in the color Hope.
And some Gale's Art roving, which is black bfl dyed, it's the color Proud Peacock.
I can't wait to see how it spins. It's really soft, and the colors are so intense. It's a bit darker in person though. This was the best I could get.

So I'll be busy for the next week, prepping for the fair and stuff. I'll let you know how it goes!


Opal said...

Such wonderful eye candy! I'm so jealous of all the fiber, but especially of the wine.

Your mitten looks fantabulous. :)

Logan said...

I really like your mittens! Er...mitten!

And that tencel stuff is goooorgeous. I need to work on spinning some more. (I was going to buy a wheel, but I decided to spend that money on a motorcycle class.)

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