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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Apparently blogger saved a few entries as drafts while I was composing. So my last post was actually number 198, and this makes 199. I only noticed because after my last post it went from 198 to 200. So the contest will be on the next post instead. I'm still working on it anyway.

Today I finished a pair of socks! My first pair from handspun yarn. I used 60 grams of the 100gm skein, so not a whole lot, but I wasn't sure how much I had so the cuffs are short.
I really love these socks though, they are such a simple pattern, and even though the pattern itself doesn't show up a whole lot I still like it. It was a better knit than stockinette ya know? Anyway they fit great and I'm glad to have a PAIR finished.
Here are some better pictures of my STS. It's being blocked in this one. (Yes those are my new foam floor thingys I got from Lowes for blocking. $15 and they work GREAT. Now if I could keep the kids grubby little paws off
And some better shots where you can actually see it. One of it over the railing on the porch...
and a closeup of the stitch details.
I got this awesome yarn from a fellow Raveler. Seems like that's where I get half of my yarn these days. It's Yarn Love, which is my new favorite dyer. The base is the Elizabeth Bennet and it's called Fancy. Seriously pretty.
And here's a picture of the other bobbin of yarn I've been spinning. This is superwash merino from Funky Carolina. The color was Major. Mostly blue, purple, and black, with a bit of white and brown. It will be for socks when it's done.
In other news, I'm maybe four inches in on my tangled yoke and am loving the ease of it so far. It's a good project for times when you can't concentrate a whole lot. At least until I get to the cabled yoke part. ;)

Also I ripped out my honeybee. I didn't like the density of the stitches on the size four needles, so I re-cast it on with some 3's I picked up for it. On the fours the pattern wasn't showing up so well, and half a repeat in on the size three needles and it looks much better. I also happened to pick up new beads for it. When I held up the ones I had to the yarn, they just didn't look right, they have a bluish sheen to them, and I think they'd look best on dark blue or purple. So I'll save those. Instead I found some black ones that are silver lined. I was looking for beads for something else at the time, and got these since I didn't have the yarn for the project and couldn't decide.

One last thing. Today I got my first Loopy Ewe sock club shipment! It's gorgeous colors, and I really love the pattern. There is also the little baggie of loopy kisses, the loopy sock club bag, and a kiss body soap thingy, which I thought was candy at first lol. Good thing I didn't eat it! I know others assumed it was chocolate as well, and one person actually took a bite...The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill by the way. There was no colorway name but it's mostly blue and green with bits of yellow-green and navy.

Well I think that's it for now. It's been a long day and I've got an appointment tomorrow morning that I won't get to if I don't go to bed soon!


Katie, a dyer at Yarn Love said...

Hi, Hattie! I know you from Ravelry....ok, I recognised your avatar from the TLE boards on Ravelry. Thanks for the sweet compliments on my yarn!!!

I love your hand-spun socks. There's something so magical about handspun socks....unless you throw them in your washing machine. Then they're just super fuzzy.

Opal said...

Cute socks! I bet they feel wonderful. Gorgeous STS. Is that out of handspun as well?

ikkinlala said...

I love the colours in those socks, and the stole is gorgeous (and the floor mats for blocking are a brilliant idea).

Valerie said...

The floor mats for blocking was a simply genius idea! -=giggle=- I love the FOs, they are both so pretty!!

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