Thursday, March 20, 2008

I have a winner for the contest, and they've been emailed, so I'll announce that all later.

(p.s.- There are a LOT of pictures in this post...)

Right now, I have WOLLMEISE!!!

It came the other day and I was so excited I opened it in the post office parking lot and kept them on my lap the whole drive home lol. So here they are!

Spice Market, and the second picture is most accurate in color. It's not nearly as bright as the pictures show it. I've already agreed to trade this one for Regenbogen, which is a rainbow colored one.Then there's Tiefer See (which means Deep Lake) and it's SO pretty. Blue, indigo, green, and lime. I love it.
Both pictures are pretty accurate colorwise.
Lastly there is the Sultan. There are a ton of colors in it. Red, fuschia, teal, blue, navy, purple, lime, small parts that are yellow, and some plum. I didn't realize how pretty it was going to be, but I've agreed to trade it. I don't mind though since I'm getting Regenbogen in my other trade which I like more than this one. I will be getting Sonne in this trade. Bright yellow and orange!
So that was my exciting bit of the week. I keep taking them out to pet. They will be sent off to their new homes tomorrow though, except for Tiefer See.

I got a few other things since last post. One was another ACEO from Starr. Lily of the Valley. They really are my favorite flowers. This one is super pretty. I love the blue and purple background.
Then there is this bag I ordered from Messie on etsy. I missed out on the one bag I wanted from the last Piddloop update, so I ordered this as a consolation. It's so cool. Darker than the picture as well, dark greys and burgundy. I love it.
Then there is the yarn I got which I traded for. I do a lot of trading on Ravelry. I sent her some zephyr and louet sock in exchange for these two str lightweights. They are both club colors from last year. This first one is Firebird, and I really love it!
Then there's flower power. I like the combination in this one.
So I've had some fun stuff come this week. I've also been doing some knitting. Look how far I am on my tangled yoke! It's almost 10 inches. I've got 25 rows or so to go before I set the body aside and do the sleeves. Chad keeps glaring at it because I haven't finished his vest I started last year for him to go golfing in. So I'm going to have to pull that out and get my butt in gear working on it. I'm going to do it in secret so he has no idea and then when he asks about it he'll be surprised that it's done! It's not quite golfing weather yet anyway...
I've also been working on my Honeybee stole. It's tough to take pictures of it since it's black. You can see some of the holes there...

Here are the beads, also hard to see. They look pretty good in person though.
I've also started two other lace projects. Bad I know but I couldn't help it. This first one is a lot of fun. It's the Gretchen shawl (from FiberDenn) I bought a while ago. It's a circle and going somewhat fast right now. I can't wait to get it on a circ, the dpns are annoying. I am having so much fun working on it I've barely touched the honeybee. I'm beginning to not worry though. I wanted the honeybee for my anniversary but hubby has it in his head we need to go camping for it. Lol, so I doubt I'll need a lacy beaded stole for that.

I also started the Moroccan Days wrap, but it's slow going because this thing is HUGE. I like it so far but I am not in any hurry with it since it's going to take a while anyway. It's actually a bit further than this picture.
So you can see I've been a busy girl! I'm off to go shower and search for campgrounds nearby...I actually think camping would be fun for a day or two, I haven't gone in a really long time and I always loved it. Plus it will be in May, so it will be warmer. More later!!!


Valerie said...

I'm envious of your ever growing yarn stash! You always pick out the most beautiful colorways! I love the progress shots!!

Anni said...

Gorgeous yarns and gorgeous knits.

Opal said...

I have Spice Market too! Do you have any idea as to what pattern you want to use for it?

You have been a busy girl! I have the Gretchen pattern, but I haven't decided on what yarn to use for it.

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