A week?!? Really???

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I cannot even believe that I haven't posted in a whole week. A ton has happened and man I feel that this is going to be a long post...I'll try to keep it short though.

I have received a few things in the mail. One of which was my March shipment of the RSC. Here is a picture of the yarn and pattern.
It's STR mediumweight and it's called Lucky. I love the color, I'm just surprised that this one AND the loopy ewe are SO similar in colors. Seriously...it's weird.
I adore this pattern though, and think that it fits the yarn. Or the yarn fits the pattern? Either way it's pretty. I picked up my January socks again because I will not allow myself to start these ones until those are done.

I also got the one skein of Wollmeise I traded for. I sent off my Spice Market, and got this Regenbogen in return! I love it SO much. My Sonne is still on the way from New Zealand but I'm sure it won't be long now till I get it.I finished the first part of my tangled yoke. No pic because it looks just like the last one pretty much. I get to start the sleeves now, and then they will attach to this body piece, and then the yoke! I'm very excited. I need my other size five circular to do it though, since I'd like to knit the sleeves 2 at a time on two circs. And the other is attached to my Jaywalker scarf which is honestly just about done. So I'll finish that up today.

I'm on repeat 5 of 10 on my Honeybee stole, and it's going to be so pretty! I'm loving knitting it, and it's going fast enough I think.

In completely unrelated news, hubby's job switched their insurance they provide to employees. Health insurance that is. Great for us because before we could only get dental if we signed up for medical too, and with this one we can pay for just the dental. Good news for me because I broke another tooth...don't ask. It sucks to have horrible teeth and I can't wait to get them fixed.

Alexis is a little monkey and tried climbing out of her bed last week. So we quickly moved her into Nicholas's room and I changed the crib into a bed with rails. It's one of those convertible ones. Since then they don't want to sleep, they only want to play. It's catching up fast though, last night they both were begging to go to bed. Muahahaha. And today they are finally napping! Thank goodness. I knew the novelty would wear off, but in the meantime it's tough. Especially since they tore his room apart every nap time. And they were super cranky from not getting sleep.

We've been getting freak snow showers lately. It's sunny when I wake up, then snows or hails at lunch, and by 3pm it's sunny again. Seriously. And then snows overnight. I hope it doesn't last, we had a few warm days there and I loved it. Plus this weekend there is a spin in thingy going on in the next state which is a whopping half an hour or so from my house...well maybe 45 mins. I want to go but want the weather to be nice!

Today Pigeonroof AND Piddleloop updated, and I got nothing. Pigeonroof didn't list anything I really wanted, so that was ok, but then I MISSED the piddleloop one. I KNEW that it was at 3:27 CENTRAL and for some reason mixed it up. I know that 3:27 central is 2:27 pacific, and didn't realize until 3pm I had spaced it. I was so annoyed. I really wanted this piggy bag...it is so cute and I love the colors...but would have happily settled for the cute fishy bag. Got nothin.

Ah well, I'll just take what I was going to spend with me to the spin in, assuming I go, and I think there are supposed to be vendors. So I'll buy a fun thing there instead. And wait...for the next piddleloop update.

Hmm, well I think that might be all for now. I'm sure I'll be back, whether that's sooner or later...and I will surely have things to show! Now it's time to go finish the laundry (wait, lol, laundry is NEVER finished...), shower, clean, and maybe knit and watch a movie. (Who am I trying to kid here? We all know that the knitting will come first, then probably the shower, and then if the kids aren't awake...cleaning lol)


Opal said...

I love the new STR. I just love me my green.

Good luck with your tooth. Dentistry is such a PITA or should I say pain in the mouth. Haha. :-P

Logan said...

Cardcaptor Sakura! I remember that show. I never saw it when it was on, except for like the last episode they ever aired, which I saw for ten minutes and thought, "This looks whooshy, I like," and then it never came back ever again. But my friend actually has some dvds and I watched some of it, it's cute.

By the way, it was done by CLAMP, and they have the most beautiful artwork. There's this other series now called Tsubasa with some of the same characters, but I don't think it's in English yet.

(I'm secretly an anime dork, haha)

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