Friday, March 28, 2008

Well, as quick as it can be for me...my posts are usually so long.

So I mentioned that I picked up my Serendipity sock again. This is where I had gotten to by last night, just past the heel.
And this is where I am tonight.
A finished sock! It's a bit short, but that's because this is a new toe for me and I wasn't quite sure where to stop at. It should be half an inch longer but I'm too lazy to rip it back and fix. I'll just block it and it'll be fine I think. If not, then they'll go to my tiny footed sister.

Here's a close up of the star toe shaping. It's just like decreasing a hat, and ends the same. I don't know if I like it quite as much as the other kind. I'll have to wait until I wear them.
And a shot of the heel, which I do like. It seemed faster and easier than a heel flap, and is very comfortable. I think I'll be doing many more like this.
I got my February Funky Carolina fiber in the mail yesterday. Yes I DO know it's nearing the end of March. I didn't realize I hadn't received it until about two weeks ago. It apparently got lost in the mail, so she had to hunt down some fiber and dye this up for me. It took a bit since she's moving right now. I got 5.25 (extra fiber for the extra wait and she said I'll get extra next time too) ounces of superwash bfl (my fave!) in the color Grounded. I think it's going to look awesome spun up. I should be getting March's fiber somewhat soon too and am signed up for another three months. This is one club I just can't lose with!

I'll leave you all with pictures I took of the kids at lunch. Alexis eating a cheese filled tortilla...I thought she looked adorable with her little purple bow, although it's barely in the picture. It's funny because she reminds me in this picture of my sister when she was little. My sister has lighter hair where mine is really dark.
And Nicholas...making his "dinosaur/t-rex" face. Another weird thing...he reminds me of my brother here...
I see myself and hubby in them a lot, but every so often I see my sister or brother in their faces and it amuses me.

Well that's it for now. There probably won't be a lot of knitting related posting going on for a bit because I have a super secret test knit to do and it's got to be done in two weeks, and it's going to take every spare moment of these two weeks. I'm confident I can do it, but it will mean not much to talk about here.

So now I'm off to spin for a little bit to wind down, and get my butt in bed. I'm hoping to make it to the spin in tomorrow, and I'll need to get up early since I have other errands as well.

Nighty night!


Opal said...

Ooh a super secret knit? Now I'm as curious as a cat. Do you know when you can unveil the project?

Your children are darling. :)

Rachel said...

Nice job on your sock. I just learned how to do short row heels myself, and I think I prefer them over the heel flap method, too.

Valerie said...

-=wave=- Good Luck on your super secret test knitting. Those socks are too adorable!

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