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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Eye candy that is. No? Well here is some more. Until my Wollmeise arrives this should be it pretty much. Besides the few trades in progress or being sent soon.

My roving from the last Pigeonroof etsy update finally arrived. It's so much more gorgeous in person. Merino silk in the color Millefiore. I almost had to buy it just because of the name, I love Millefiore anyway. It's seriously beautiful, and sparkly!
I got my loopy ewe order. I decided last minute to join in the Dream in Color knitalong. I got three skeins of Classy in Giant Peach. Not my first choice, but it's really pretty and I'm glad I got it. A very pinky orange, which I love.
I also got two skeins of lorna's laces shepherd sock in Sherbet. I've had this colorway before but I traded it ages ago and wished I hadn't. So when she got the color back in I had to get it. It's much more saturated than the last batch I had. More orange and a darker pink. Still pretty though.
Lastly I got my order from Webs. I went a bit crazy, as I have been lately, but I am planning on doing another yarn diet so it will last me. I did so well on my last diet, I think I can do better this time.

Louet Gems Fingering weight in three colors. This is Ginger, and then Cream for the Endpaper mitts. I couldn't decide what would work from my stash so I gave in and bought it instead. I wanted something classic.
And two skeins in aqua. For socks of course.
Then I got 6 skeins of Jaeger Siena in Meadow which is a gorgeous minty green. This is to try one more time to knit the Josephine top from IK. The last two yarns I tried were bad...this is the same fiber as what they used.
Lastly 2 colors of Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran. Sky Blue for the Central Park Hoodie, and white, for Rogue.
Quick knitting update. Still trying to finish the dang shawl. I'm halfway through the last beading row. Haven't had much time the last few days to work on it...and I've cast on my other handspun sock and am just about done increasing the toe.

Well that's it for now. It's late and b/c of work I haven't gotten much sleep in two days. Bedtime for me!


Valerie said...

Nice haul you got there! I have to say though that the Sherbet sock yarn is definitely my favorite. They're going to make you a lovely pair of socks!

Opal said...

Pigeonroof! *swoon* I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. Le sigh.

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