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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Well I finally finished the spring things shawl I have been knitting for AGES. I remember the other two going so much faster. Maybe this one seemed to take so long because I wanted to do other things so badly. It needs blocking but it's off the needles and that's the best part.
So now I can finally cast on my honeybee stole which I'm hoping to have done by our anniversary in May, the 10th to be exact. Which is just over 2 months, and not much time to be knitting a whole lace stole, among other things, since you all know by now I'm SO NOT a monogamous knitter...

In other news, I got my first sock club package for the Keegan Lane Yarns Spring Fling Sock Club. First I got a few things that Melissa had been holding on to for me. My half of the few colors of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn for the Charlotte's Web shawl.

This first one is Grape Razzle,
then Misty Moor,
and Tapestry.
Then there was my Piddloop bag she got two of in the last update, by mistake. So I bought this one off of her. Isn't it cute? It's a pretty big size and very well made. There's a little notions bag inside of it too, an interior pocket, and some elastic sewn to hold needles or hooks.
Lastly there was my club stuff. Since this first month was my sock pattern, she sent me a color of my choice instead of the regular club color, since I'd already gotten that one. I'm so in love with this colorway, it's Northern Lights.
Then there was this absolutely adorable notions bag, I LOVE strawberries.
There was also a little egg with Hershey's kisses inside which were gone immediately, and a little paper pad with pen. I somehow forgot to take pictures of those. I think they were in the bag...

And now for the big reveal you've all been waiting for! Since my pattern was first up, and club members have received it, I can show my sock pattern off! This is the Tendril Embrace sock. I know...crappy pic. And dirty table lol...kids.
Here's the yarn that she sent, and club members are receiving for the sock. It's Toasty Sock in Morning Glories. I love the little purple speckles in it.
Here are some detail shots of the sock, so you can see it up close.
It's a variation of the feather and fan lace pattern. It was one of the first lace stitches I ever used, and I thought it would be a perfect way to show off the yarn and a good first sock pattern. I really love how the cuff scallops gently all on it's own, and there is a bit of ribbing in between the lace, which makes it fit snugly. I adore these socks, and would even if they weren't my own pattern!
I named it Tendril Embrace, partly because I thought it was fitting with the name of the yarn. Morning Glories are climbing vines when they can, and their "tendrils" would "embrace" whatever it was they were climbing. It's also partially a play on the words "tender embrace" because of the way the socks fit. I like it.

So that's my sock pattern. I will release it in June for purchase, after the club is over with and I figure out how to fix my router so I can upload stuff to my website...

Ok well that's all I've got for now, and I think it's plenty. Off to go feed the kids, and myself, dinner!


Minty Fresh said...

I LOVE your sock pattern! It is beautiful! Great job!

Opal said...

I love that little pink notions bag. The strawberry with the crossbones is too adorable!

Your Tendril Embrace socks are gorgeous! Does this mean I can do a reveal as well?

Valerie said...

That sock pattern is wonderful!! Bravo!! I am loving all the yarn porn in this post by the way.

starrgirl's world said...

I also love your sock pattern! Great job, Hattie! And I love how you named it. Just perfect. The piddloop bag is adorable. I love following what you are up to!

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