Twisted Flowers

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I finished the second Twisted Flower sock a little while ago! They are so pretty and very warm! I took them off though, I want them as un-fuzzed as possible to show at the fair.
I have the other mitten left to knit, which shouldn't take long, and then the two skeins to prepare for the fair. I have to drop things off on Tuesday.

I got two very pretty batts in the mail on Wednesday. They are from Wooly Treasures and I loooove them so much. This first one is called Pansy:
And this one is English Posey. I adore the mix of colors in it.
They are both a mix of different fibers, I think I may spin the Pansy one first. I need a quicker spin in between the lace I've been slaving at.

I finally decided to start a project that I have been putting off for a while. I keep seeing these sock yarn blankets and I have been wanting to do one for ages. Especially this one, which Robyn keeps posting about...

So I started my own. Or rather two. One for each kid. Girl colors, and boy colors. Roughly separated. Some colors work on both. I didn't realize how many scraps I had, and gathered them all up in a canvas bag to keep together, and got to work.

Alexis' so far is mostly pink, but there is that blue square and I've got some blue and the green from the twisted flower socks. There are actually five squares done on hers now.
Nicholas' blankie now has 8 squares. As soon as I finished the socks, I added a green square to his. His is mostly green. Seems I have more green than I thought.
So to any blog readers out there who don't have plans for their own sock yarn blankies, have any scraps to spare? Each square is around 4 grams of yarn, really small. I'm knitting them on size 2's and they aren't taking long to knit. I know this is a long term project, but I would wholly appreciate any help along the way! I am only using superwash sock yarn, fingering weight. I'm not using any self striping, just solids, mostly solids, and handpaints. Colors aren't a big deal. I think pastels (pinks, yellows, blues, greens) would be great for hers, and darker colors (brown, green, blue, etc) for his.

Other than that, I have to go cast on the mitten, I should be able to get a decent amount done tonight. I work tomorrow, Sunday and Monday, so that cuts in on the knitting time before the fair. I know I'll get it done, I just prefer to be done as soon as possible!

Strawberry Wine

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well, wine with strawberries in it anyway. Beringer White Zinfandel is my new favorite wine. Of course the premier one is better, but I can only find the regular it seems. Add some cut up strawberries, and heaven. This is how I would like to spend all evenings.
You can see in the picture I've started my second twisted flower sock (finally, I knit the first one last august!). I want it to enter in the fair, I've got until September 2nd to get things together. That's the day you bring things in.

I also planned on finishing my fair isle Selbuvotter mittens, but my tension has changed, so I have to start it over. Instead I figured I'd make things easy on myself and instead, get a headstart on winter knitting. Alexis picked the pattern, and two colors, and this is the first mitten done.
It's NHM #5, in black and pink, just like mine. It came out well! Now just to knit one more, but this one took less than 2 days. So I'm not worried.
I also finished the first Rivendell sock. It looks long and funny, but it's the ribbing on the top making it look that way. I had to have the needles from this one to knit the twisted flower, then when that's done, back to the second Rivendell.
Other than that I've just been knitting and spinning. Oh yeah, and my yarn I spun last time, apparently I didn't spin the singles opposite on my yarn, I just underspun one ply, so it didn't look right at first. It's much better now that I set it.

I got a few goodies in the mail yesterday. Look at this!
Isn't it pretty? This was how my fiber from ExclusivelyLindaLee came. I unwrapped it all and it was even better than it was on my computer screen.

Here we have a pretty bit of tencel. This is the chocolates colorway. She also sent a little sample of this color in either bamboo or tencel. It looks identical to the tencel so I think that's what it is.
These are the same color as well, though you can see how differently they took the dyes. Soooo soft! It's tussah silk.
Then I have 2 batts of cashmere silk that are insane. I want a whole pile of it to roll in.
I also got a few things from The Loopy Ewe. A skein of the new Intentions Yarn in the color Hope.
And some Gale's Art roving, which is black bfl dyed, it's the color Proud Peacock.
I can't wait to see how it spins. It's really soft, and the colors are so intense. It's a bit darker in person though. This was the best I could get.

So I'll be busy for the next week, prepping for the fair and stuff. I'll let you know how it goes!

Where did I put my brain?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sometimes, I swear, I just don't think!

So yesterday I plyed my Pink Lady singles, which I had finished the day before. I was so excited to be done, and have my first 3 ply sock yarn.Yeah, so two hours later I finished the three ply. There was a bit left on two of the bobbins, so I figured I would just ply those together, and have a little skein of 2ply. Well when I finished the two ply I noticed that they were not "sticking together" the way they should. Yes, I managed to once again ply ONE of my three singles in the opposite direction.

I think my 3 ply will be ok. It's tightly plyed,a nd you can't tell too easily. Plus I'm just gonna knit it into socks. So, I'll set the twist and go from there. I'm determined to use it either way.Isn't it pretty though? I love it.

Today I got a few things in the mail when I went up to the post office. One was a package from Opal. I won a contest on her blog and she sent these cute stitch markers! I adore the little fairie.
Then there was the final club shipment for my funky carolina fiber club. It's 4 ounces of bamboo, it's really interesting feeling! I have been wanting to spin pure bamboo, now I'll get to!
I also got two sets of size 0 needles I swapped some roving for. I don't particularly enjoy knitting on 0's, but they are so tiny, I figured I should have some in case my others break.

Well, I'm still doing all the same stuff otherwise. I'm about to FINALLY start my black merino tencel for the dragon shawl. It's going to be a long time spinning, with almost 10 ounces. I plan on taking my time, and probably spinning smaller bits of other stuff in between. Here goes!

Hellooooo Kitty

Friday, August 15, 2008

Yes, lame title I know.

So I found this Hello Kitty mousepad at work. We've had them since last christmas, and there were still a few there. I bought one for a friend, and one for me! I needed a new mousepad. Ain't it cute?
This is the other thing I found. A case for my DS. I like it wayyy better than my old one. It's adorable!
In other news, I finished a pair of socks! My sister's Carolina socks. After her visit where she tried them on (and I was sure they fit right) I got to it knitting the second one. She left a few things here when she left so I hurried to knit the sock in order to send them to her with the other things. Right now they are on the way!
I've been knitting like a maniac on the stole. I finished the first half of it! Here we have a picture of it when I was still knitting the arrowhead pattern. I messed with it so you can see the beads. So the color is off but you can see them!
Here we have it when I was knitting on the border. That took me a day and a half on it's own. I had no idea how much work that takes! It's so pretty though.
So I finished that half, and today I picked up for the second after pulling out the provisional cast on. It looks great in the center pattern, but it doesn't quite match on the side. It's no real biggie, but I'm thinking it will bug me, so I'm gonna pull out the small bit I've done to fix it. See, fixing it will change the border rows that go with the center patterning. So instead of following it row by row, I'll have to remember where I'm at on the edging since it won't match what the pattern will say. Easy enough, the edge pattern is really easy.
I also started the Tudor Grace scarf, also from knitspot. I have started knitting it in two different yarns so far! Neither one looks the way I'd like them too, so I am still trying to decide what I will use. I LOVE the pattern though! It's really easy to memorize, and fun to do.

Lastly, I got some yarn in the mail! I traded some stash for these two. The first is some of the 100% superwash Wollmeise in Miss May, one of my FAVORITE colorways.
This one is really different. It's meant to be colored after the picture of that moth on the label I think. It's so cool though, and super soft!
Well, that's about it, it's late, and I'm really tired. I ran a few errands today in the heat and it wiped me out. I got new shoes though, so it was worth it! I'll take pics of them for next time. Later all!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thought I would show off the Melanzana stole I'm test knitting. I have to say that as much as I thought it was pretty before, knitting it has made me fall for it even more. It starts with a provisional cast on, and you knit the flowered section. Then the little lacewing section which I love. I'm into the third part now.
Here's a close up shot of the lacewing motif. I think it's perfect.
I'm beading the last section, just because I can't help myself. It's pretty so far, and I might finish it today, and then there's an edging on it. That's the first half! So we'll see how far I get today.

It's been nice weather out lately, just the right temperature. Here's a pic I took the other day of the sun setting.
We had taken the kids out to play, they love the dirt.
Their job was to fill up the black container. They didn't get far before they got bored lol.
They had fun though. Trying to take advantage of the nicer days we have before winter hits and we get cooped up in the house!

Today Chad is home from work. He has a guy he works with over to help him drop the engine back into the Mitsubishi. Hopefully all goes well. He's been driving his parent's truck that sucks up gas like you wouldn't believe!

Now I'm off to knit on the shawl, it's going so fast! Pictures of it maybe tomorrow with the beads. :)


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

That's right, I said it. TWO. Not only did I finish the swallowtail and block it, I blocked the Jaywalker Scarf too!

Here is the swallowtail all laid out on the couch. You can see how big it is, it's covering 2 cushions! I love how there is no major pooling.
A shot of the points, beaded and oh so pretty!
More beads. It helps if the picture is bigger, so maybe click on it. I can see them pretty good in the big version of it. See what I mean though? They match so well!
Here is the scarf, and of course, as soon as I started taking pictures, the munchkin got in the way.
Here again, she wouldn't budge! Ah well.
I adore this scarf. I also have enough to do another scarf. So maybe I'll make up my own chevron scarf? It's an easy enough pattern.

Right now though, I'm still knitting the knitspot lace stole. I'll have a pic of that next time. It's barely any further, although you can see the pattern, and it's SO pretty. I just have to pin it down so it can be appreciated.

Till next time!

In which I fall (JUMP) off the they say.

Monday, August 04, 2008

You may or may not notice that the ticker is now removed from my blog. Yeah...

It started when I was on the loopy ewe site and saw this roving that I wanted SO BAD. I just couldn't help myself, and everyone on Plurk was encouraging me! This one is called Raspberry Creme Brulee and I adore it.I couldn't bring myself to pay to ship just that though, so I got this one, Whisper:
They are both from Creatively Dyed, 8 ounces each of seawool. Can't wait to spin!

Then, since I was on a roll, I hopped over to Flawful Fibers, which I do on occasion to see if this one roving was still there. I swear it's been there forever and I loved it. So I figured, if it's lasted and no one else is gonna buy it, I should! Villa Capri (superfine merino):
Again, not able to justify shipping just one thing, I got a soysilk wool blend, since I haven't spun soysilk before. Folly:
I got all of this in the mail today. Also there was a set of stitch markers I ordered from my blog buddy Opal's new etsy shop, Opalescence. They are gorgeous!!! I love the little mermaid charm. And NOW, she's got Hello Kitty ones too...
So besides blowing my yarn/fiber diet big time, I've been trying to get back on schedule. The visit with my family still has me off and I'm having a tough time getting back to it. In the meantime I'm knitting lots of lace. Socks in between for a break.

Here is a test knit I'm doing for miss Anne over at Knitspot. It's going to be a stole, and though I'm not far, it's all I want to knit! I haven't forgotten the Swallowtail. I'm SO close to finishing. Only, I screwed up and am missing a bunch of stitches somehow, and I can't figure out what I did. So I can't knit it until I get it worked out. It's bugging the crap out of me!

On Saturday I went and got a sorely needed haircut. I love going where I do, they do massages and aroma therapy and stuff. So my neck and scalp get five star treatment. Here's a pic:
It's not my style at all, though it doesn't exactly look bad, and in fact, I've gotten compliments on it. It's just, a bit too short. I DID tell her I wanted it a little shorter than normal, so when it grows out it will still look good. It's not the overall length, but the length of my bangs. I don't like the top layer that short, but it's not even that they are TOO short. Just shorter than I'm comfortable with. So, until it grows in a bit, I'm stuck with it.

So, now I'm off to find my sweater, and sit on the couch with my knitting and catch up on the last two big brother's I've missed that are on the dvr. :)

Secret Socks

Friday, August 01, 2008

Well, since these socks are now available to the world, I assume I can blog them now. Remember the super secret project I did a while back? Some of you might. If you go to Twist Collective, they are the Lissajous socks by Cookie A. The grey ones are the ones I knit, and man was it tough! The socks are not complicated really, I found it easy to follow the charts, and the cabling down the leg was not bad to memorize. Still, I had a 2 week deadline to knit them, and I knit pretty much non stop those two weeks! Here are some of my pictures from when I was knitting them. I wish I had a pic of both socks together, but the second I finished it (I was at a coffee shop in the mall...) I shoved it into an envelope and mailed the pair off to be photographed!

They are gorgeous socks, go buy the pattern and knit them! It's totally worth the work, I swear! Now I need to knit me some...I adore the shaping and detail she put into these.

Other than that, I'm hoping to finish the swallowtail tonight. I don't have much left, but those last few rows can take forever!

Oh and I've put up a skein of handspun yarn in my shop. I don't have plans for it and I still have handspun waiting to be knit, might as well let someone else enjoy it!

Lastly, my dad put an offer in on the house we have had our eye on. I'm hoping it will be accepted, but it's going to mean some sacrifices for us, since we'll have to pay rent, and we don't right now. It's going to save us big time on gas though, and in general be more convenient. Plus, it will be MINE for the next 9 years. MY yard, MY kitchen, MINE. I'm off to contemplate the budget while working on the swallowtail.

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