Forest Canopy Pictures

Sunday, February 17, 2008

So finally here are pictures of my Forest Canopy shawl. I think it turned out well! It's small, smaller than I think any of my others, but it's still big enough.
I like the striping effect you get with handspun yarn. It's unique and doesn't take any work at all!
I am glad to have this finished, now I can move on to other things!
Nicholas' surgery is in the morning, and I've decided to go after all. I'm taking my Jaywalker scarf for a mindless knit. It needs to be worked on for a good long time anyway. I would like to finish it while I can still wear it! Other than that I plan on dyeing one of these days. We got a new microwave which will go in the kitchen and I'll take the old one to dye stuff with. So now I just need the time to do it. When I do it's going to be a marathon session so I can get some stuff in the shop!

Ok well I'll be back later tomorrow probably to update on how it went....


Minty Fresh said...

I hope your son's surgery goes well!

Opal said...

Beautiful shawl! I love the striping.

Good luck to Nicholas. Do let us know how the surgery went.

Valerie said...

That shawl turned out lovely! I love the coloring and the pattern.

Best wishes to Mr. Nicholas!

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